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The new fashion designers - interview with bloggers, part 2

Fashion trends are always on the move, and every season on the world's great catwalks top designers present again their latest visions of what will soon be worn on the...

Fashion trends are always on the move, and every season on the world's great catwalks, top designers once again present their latest visions of what will soon be worn on the streets. For some time now, however, it's not just them who decide what's hot.

Fashion bloggers, who live their own taste and present news and exciting ideas to their readers, have a direct impact on the fashion base and are exerting more and more influence there. This goes so far that magazines and even the designers themselves pick up on what the bloggers present on the net. Thus, fashion fans with their passion have actively participated in recent years in what is trendy and many styles, such as street style, would be unthinkable without them.

In our interview series, we wanted to find out from these fashion bloggers in more detail what inspires them and, of course, we also asked the experts to give us a few tips on shoe fashion. In the second part of our series, the bloggers from,,, and answered our nine questions.

1. the nice thing about fashion blogs is that they all differ not only in design, but also in the topics they focus on. What is your blog about?

The focus is mainly on outfit posts and impressions from my life. DIY ideas, buying tips and fashiioncarpet2lifestyle posts complement the personal touch. I want to show outfits that are up-to-date, wearable and 100% me. It is important to me to show wearable, authentic and affordable looks on my blog. My readers should always have the possibility to repurchase the looks. That's why I try to break down inspiring people like Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller, for example, to my budget and add my own fashion touch. I also always try to find shopping alternatives for my readers. On Modeblock it is mainly and as the name already says about fashion. I show outfits and shopping lists, report from travels, events and write about my very personal, everyday madness. The blog was founded simply because of my passion for sneakers, streetwear and the whole shebang. So it's mostly about my latest purchases. Besides outfits, I mainly blog about decorative cosmetics and show how I do my makeup in everyday life. But you can also find all kinds of other topics that interest me on my blog. Especially you can find some projects and drawings or illustrations from me such as picture stories. Also, I like to go out into nature when I have time, and so snap away and report on my blog about it. I also love to capture concerts and bands, as long as I am allowed to take my camera to concerts. Another hobbie of mine, which unfortunately comes much too short at the moment, is felting. From time to time there are photos and pictures of my felting objects or small video tutorials about it. Maisoui is a combination of outfit and street style blog. I show my own outfits, but also streetstyles, which I photograph everywhere I can.

2. you write about fashion in your own online publication and don't work for a big fashion magazine, for example. What fascinates you about blogging? For me it's a great way to write, share my fashion passion and meet great new people who live for fashion like I do. What I find fascinating is that it has now become a real business and there are definitely people who can make a living out of it. If you would have told someone that 5 years ago, they probably would have all shaken their heads in disbelief. In addition, blogging is incredibly versatile and offers great opportunities to live out creatively. I like that a lot! What's especially great is that I spend a lot of time with my sister. She takes the pictures for my blog and we fool around a lot and experience fun things. Through blogging, I've also been able to experience a lot of things that I probably wouldn't have done. There are the many trips (New York was my absolute highlight) and the many events to which I am invited. So I have already met a lot of nice people, with whom I am now even private friends, and have gained a lot of good experiences. I am always surprised at what has already happened in the last three years that I have been blogging. The attention that companies pay to bloggers never ceases to amaze me and I appreciate every lovely email and feedback. Every morning when I wake up, I'm excited to see what the day will bring. Definitely being allowed to have your own opinion. There are so many things that are incredibly celebrated at the moment, but I personally find just awful. I blog purely the things that I wear myself and find great.


Fascinate is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but I just think it's good to have a medium through which I can share my interests and my own creations with others. I love to inspire my readers. I put a lot of time, love and heart into maisoui and it's the very greatest gift when I realize they like it.

3. as a shoe blog, of course we have to ask you: what kind of shoes do you like to wear the most? love high heels! Since I'm rather short by nature, I can't and don't want to do without high heels. I prefer heels between 10 and 13cm. They stretch the leg wonderfully, but you can still walk well in them. I prefer to wear boots. I have a tick because I have almost only black boots and no, they don't all look the same mom. If I want to be comfortable, I slip into a pair of Chucks or Vans.

streetmobbSince I can't do anything with most "normal" shoes, I prefer to wear sneakers and runners, of course. I can answer that very clearly with "sneakers". At the moment I have a special preference for high-tops of all kinds. My favorite thing to wear is ankle boots suitable for everyday wear. With a little heel 'so you can combine them with jeans and also with fancier outfits.

4. fashion blogs are very diverse and as already mentioned always strongly influenced by the taste of the operator. How would you describe your own style? I would describe my style as modern, wearable and always a bit trendy. I like to try different styles and new combinations. At the moment I prefer to wear one or two key-pieces in my outfits, which are the eye-catcher. The rest of the look I then usually discreetly coordinate with it. You almost never see me with flat shoes, but mostly with at least 10cm heels. Do I have a style at all? With this question I actually have to think, but I think I don't follow a certain style direction. I wear what I like and what I feel comfortable in. That can also be a pair of old sweatpants with a sweater. I can't really describe "my" style. I notice more and more that I look like most heads: cap, streetwear, sneakers. It just comes naturally, depending on what I like at the moment. I would describe my clothing style as simple, comfortable, practical, sporty and cozy. But I wouldn't really call it style.

mais.oui_I simply wear what I like. I do not chase every trend. I see something and know I have to have THAT. I love prints and lots of color. I love to mix chic with sporty and I love high waisted!

When it comes to shoes, everyone has their favorites. What are your favorite shoe brands and what do you appreciate most about them? I don't really have any favorite shoe brands. I generally don't buy by brand, but by my taste. To be honest, it doesn't matter to me whether the shoes are from a designer or a discount store. However, I find the pumps from Buffalo very nice, because they almost always have the perfect height. In terms of designs, I rely a lot on Zara, because woman can often find beautiful and somewhat fancy models there.

modeblockI totally love wearing Vans. They are very comfortable and I like the colors and many different designs that are available. I also love Chucks. They are super combinable and go with everything. But I can also be chic and would love to own a pair of MiuMiu pumps or a pair of Louboutins, the ones with the red sole. My main focus is now on brands like Asics, Adidas, Puma or Kangaroos. With mentioned brands I simply appreciate that at the moment almost every release fits, they are damn comfortable and I can clearly distinguish myself from the trend, especially here in Oldenburg. Unfortunately I can't name a special favorite shoe brand. I could now also not say exactly from which brand I own the most shoes. But I can name exactly my favorite shoe model: This would be the Converse Pro Leather. Everything that goes into this type and form of shoes, I like very much. Currently, I prefer to wear the Puma First Round in white/purple. My very favorite shoe brand is Vagabond. I have 5 pairs at home and could buy new ones all the time.

6. a quick either-or question: Do you prefer chucks or sneakers? Definitely sneakers! I have never owned chucks in my life and probably never will. I'd rather have Chucks. No question: sneakers! Definitely sneakerssss! Much rather sneakers.

7. many shoe trends of recent years send a shiver down the spine of some people. For example, it is still controversial whether you should really wear sneakers with a suit. What do you think about it: are sneakers stylish with a suit or a faux pas? Has well combined and matched with men definitely stylish potential. However, the whole thing must not look dressed up and dressed down, but must look casual and cool. With women, however, an absolute no-go! Depends on the suit. If it is rather modern and sporty cut, cool sneakers also fit. However, it should not seem put on or posed. It depends on the shoe. I would definitely wear matching sneakers to my wedding, for example! I would first say that it depends on WHO is wearing it, but in principle I would lean towards "stylish". Ed Sheeran FTW. For women rather fauxpas, for men a casual contrast.

Everyone has a favorite outfit in their closet. Which one is yours? I wore this look at the beginning of July at Fashion Week in Berlin. I like the outfit because it is rather simple, but the shoes and the bag give it that certain something. The skirt in origami style and the basic longsleeve are the perfect base for the key pieces. The shoes are from Zara and were still changed a bit by me. The straps were actually shorter. But since I really wanted to tie them up on my walls, I just replaced them with longer ones. Now the shoe looks even more refined and makes something. I am an absolute summer child and it is obvious that I prefer to wear dresses and skirts. Airy sandals or open shoes are a must, whether high or flat. Consists of cap, t-shirt, jeans and of course sneakers! I don't have a special favorite outfit, but at the moment I like to wear pocket shirts by ZWEIDREISIEBEN from Bielefeld. Print t-shirt and cozy basic hoodie paired with some baggy pants in brown or beige and of course matching sneakers. I'm a sucker for shorts. In summer with sandals or sandals and in fall or winter with tights and ankle boots. This is my favorite summer outfit with print shorts, blouse and high summer sandals.

9. finally, of course, we want to take the opportunity to ask you as a fashion expert: what is your personal shoe trend for fall 2013? Definitely some cool ankle boots. Whether with jeans, shorts or skirt - ankle boots are simply versatile for me to combine. I personally love the Laurence Dacade Studded Booties! I hope to find a similar and affordable version in the fall. Also in this autumn I set again on boots. Preferably Chelsea boots or plain, high ankle boots. Darker colors like the Asics Gel Saga "Camo Pack". Also, runners from the 80s/90s from Adidas, Puma or Kangaroos. High Top Sneaker in all forms and colors, preferably snow white. Where I would not talk about a trend, because I am absolutely not up to date. I would definitely like to have some nice ankle boots in bordeaux in the fall.

And that concludes our interview series, in which we got to know nine fashion bloggers, their blogs, their topics, styles and tastes. If you want to learn more from the interviewed experts and follow them further, you can constantly find new material on their blogs.


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