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Flamingo's Life - Sustainable, fair, vegan!

Are you looking for stylish and eco-friendly sneakers? Then we would like to recommend the Spanish label Flamingo's Life to you!

Every year, more than 25 billion pairs of shoes are produced - less than one percent of them sustainably. The majority are cheap "fast fashion" shoes from Asia. Their production is anything but environmentally friendly and usually takes place under inhumane conditions. The young fair fashion label Flamingo's Life from Spain proves that there is another way. Since 2015, the trendy brand has been supplying us with vegan, sustainably produced sneakers for men and women.

Flamingo's Life Schuhproduktion

The corporate philosophy of Flamingo's Life is based on three principles: First, the label itself wants to provide solutions to the current environmental crisis, which the fashion industry has largely contributed to. Secondly, no animals are harmed by Flamingo's Life sneakers, because vegan fashion is an important step towards a better future. And last but not least, the Spanish brand wants to make all processes in the fashion industry transparent, so that every buyer can consciously make the right decisions. The implementation of this philosophy starts with the raw materials and runs through the entire production process: even in the selection of materials, only sustainable raw materials and recycled materials are considered. For example, recycled polyester from PET bottles and plastic waste from the shoe industry are used. Instead of real leather, a high-quality imitation leather made from corn waste is used for the upper material, which is just as comfortable and even more durable than real leather. For the lining of its sneakers, Flamingo's Life uses recycled cotton or organic cotton, which is cultivated without the use of pesticides. Bamboo and hemp are also used in the uppers. The soles of Flamingo's Life sneakers are made of recycled rubber or natural rubber, sustainably sourced from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. For Flamingo's Life, sustainable also means doing without animal components altogether: In addition to the OEKO-Tex and GOTS organic certification, all shoes bear the "Approved Vegan" label of the animal rights organization PETA. Flamingo's Life sneakers are shipped in boxes made of recycled paper.

Flamingo's Life Schuhherstellung

The entire production of the sneakers takes place in Elche, Spain, in small family-run factories that have over 40 years of experience in shoemaking. The workers benefit from European standards and fair wages. The company founders maintain close contact with the producers and monitor working conditions on a weekly basis. And that's not all: Flamingo's Life also works with numerous non-profit organizations that are committed to environmental protection. For example, for every Classic 70's Collection sneaker sold, the brand has 5 trees planted in Mozambique or Madagascar. In collaboration with the Californian NGO "Eden Reforestation Projects", Flamingo's Life thus contributes to the reforestation of the most deforested regions on earth and at the same time supports the local population, as they are fairly remunerated for the cultivation. With its Roland Collection, the sneaker label also promotes the Waste Free Oceans (WFO) organization, which fishes PET bottles from oceans and rivers to recycle them and turn them into innovative products. For every pair of Flamingo's Life sneakers, an average of two plastic bottles are recycled. The Retro 90's and Old 80's Collection sneakers are also linked to a charity project dedicated to building water wells in Africa.

Flamingo's Life - Einblick in Produktion

The issue of transparency also plays an important role at Flamingo's Life. While most fashion brands hardly disclose any information about their manufacturing processes, the Spanish sneaker label focuses on maximum transparency. To achieve this, Flamingo's Life works with the BCOME platform, which provides accurate tracking of the company's resource consumption. By disclosing every single step of its production process, Flamingo's Life wants to draw attention to the serious abuses in the fast fashion industry.

Sustainable, fair and vegan - the sneakers by Flamingo's Life are not only stylish, but also good for the environment. In the Schuhdealer store you can now find the latest Flamingo's Life models for men and women.


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