Gant shoes - not only stylish...

The Gant brand stands for quality not only in its founding country, the USA - here European elegance is combined with the style of American sportswear. In Germany, too, the textile and shoe brand has many followers, especially the Gant shoes are a guarantee for simple elegance with a touch of sportiness. In addition, style-conscious, trendy fashion lovers are thrilled by the high-quality materials.

The women's shoes of the Gant brand captivate with small feminine details without being obtrusive, and thus become true combination wonders. The Gant sneakers woman can combine stylishly with shorts or jeans, but also to the summer dress or skirt the sneakers can be worn well. Men will find what they are looking for in the large men's range. Here, too, the focus is on comfort and sporty elegance in terms of the design of the men's shoes.

We find the sustainability thought of the company Gant particularly remarkable, which is especially effective in the area of textiles. In the foreground of this thought is the longevity of garments, which is ensured by recycling or repair offers. Gant offers a clothing rental service in some stores. This is not only easy on the customer's wallet, but also on the environment. In this way, the textiles can be worn for longer. There is also the option of returning Gant garments to the company's own stores, so that broken garments can be recycled and given a second life. Above all, this saves valuable resources such as water. In the fashion industry, enormous amounts of water are used every year to produce fabrics. But if existing fabric is reprocessed, a great contribution can be made to our environment. For this reason, the Gant brand is an important partner for us as an online shoe seller and we very much hope that this sustainability idea will also take hold in the area of shoes in the near future.

Gant Herren Sneaker
Gant Sneaker für Herren Blau