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Slippers for home office

So that you do not get cold feet in the home office, we show you great slippers from top brands. Because with comfortable slippers it is much more relaxed to...

In the age of technology, more and more people are working from home and sitting in a so-called home office. The technical term for this is teleworking. Especially due to the current situation in connection with COVID-19, even more people are working from home. So that you do not get cold feet in the home office, we show you great slippers from top brands. Because with comfortable slippers it is much more relaxed to work.

Birkenstock slippers for the home office

The Birkenstock Arizona sandal is a real classic and not only looks good in summer with airy outfits. Because you are also comfortable at home with the Arizona model! The big advantage: With two adjustable straps, these Birkenstock slippers can be optimally adjusted and thus guarantee a secure hold in the shoe. In addition, the Arizona is available for men and women in a variety of colors, so that everyone can find what they are looking for. For winter, we recommend the Birkenstock Arizona sandal with soft lambskin lining. This super soft lining keeps your feet nice and warm and keeps you cozy.

The Birkenstock Boston is another must-have for Birkenstock fans. This model is closed in the toe area and can actually be worn in any season. Whether genuine leather, synthetic leather or EVA - the Boston is a real all-rounder and can be optimally adjusted with a strap. The anatomically shaped footbed also makes this Birkenstock slipper very comfortable to wear. In the cold season, you can also wear the Birkenstock Boston with a soft lining of lambskin and certainly not get cold feet!

The Birkenstock Kay for women is another great model that catches the eye especially with beautiful floral prints. In the Schuhdealer store you can get this slipper in narrow width with anatomically shaped footbed made of a cork-latex mixture. The special feature of the Birkenstock Kay are the two adjustable straps, which can be ideally adjusted. The upper of the two straps can be folded back and can then be used as a heel strap. So you get slippers that not only look great, but also provide a secure fit.

Birkenstock Hausschuhe Homeoffice

Comfortable slippers from Baabuk

Baabuk is a brand that is dedicated to natural materials and sustainable manufacturing. That's why Baabuk focuses on natural wool and makes super comfortable slippers from this natural material. The wool felt is made in the traditional way using only soap and water, and then gets a thin, anti-slip sole made of 100% natural rubber. Even the glue used to attach the sole is sustainably sourced from the rubber tree. To top it off, the cozy felt slippers have a wool felt insole that is antibacterial and moisture wicking. So you can slip comfortably into your Baabuk slippers and feel at ease. By the way, the longer you wear the slippers, the more they adapt to your feet and offer a very individual fit.

Baabuk Hausschuhe Homeoffice


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