Herakut - an interesting artist duo

Herakut - what the hell is that? We'll tell you! Herakut is a German artist duo named Jasmin and Falk. These two personalities are artists from Frankfurt and Erfurt and are mainly involved with graffiti. The two got to know each other at a graffiti festival in Spain. Jasmin Siddiqui, "Hera", and Falk Lehmann, "Akut", have one thing in common with their works, that fantasy knows no boundaries. The two seem to complement each other very well, as their works bring out themes that make you think! Their works show mythical creatures paired with philosophical sayings, which have a socio-critical vein. Jasmin and Falk have had an artistic collaboration with each other, so to speak, since 2004. The trademark of Herakut is the mixture of man and animal, just a kind of mixed creatures, which should let the viewer fall into a fantasy world.

Herakut's mythical creatures on the walls of houses

A few years ago, the two painted a 15-meter-high portrait on the outside wall of the Deutsche Telekom building in Frankfurt. Frankfurt-born Jasmin Siddiqui does the preliminary work, namely the rough sketching on the wall of the building. Falk Lehmann takes care of painting the oversized work of art. Shown is a mother with her child in her arms, both wearing a mask on their heads and only the masks are fully painted, the rest of the work remains a drawing. "There is something better than perfection" is the title of the artwork, a metaphor for the fact that perfection exists only as an appearance and the true core of man is not perfect. The Franconian work is part of the project called "The Giant Storybook Project." Parts of her artwork now adorn the whole world, including Berlin, San Francisco, Montreal, Miami, Toronto and Melbourne. The motif in Frankfurt is the 13th wall sprayed, but it shows the beginning of the story about the heroine "Lily". The goal is to set positive signals and make art for all people.