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La Strada - glamorous sneakers from Holland

Trendy sneakers of the brand La Strada can be found at Schuhdealer. Why the fashion shoes for women are currently so popular, you can read in the Schuhdealer blog!

La Strada sneakers are a real highlight, whether day or night! The Dutch label produces fashion shoes for women, which become a real eye-catcher on the street with glitter, animal prints and eye-catching colors. Because La Strada translated means "the street" and so the sidewalk quickly becomes a catwalk! The noble designs of the brand from Holland combine classic sneaker silhouettes with fancy details that are a real hit not only at parties. Because you can also wear the exciting La Strada shoes with a blazer and be stylishly dressed in the office.

La Strada gets its inspiration from the major fashion capitals of the world and therefore it is not surprising that the noble sneakers enchant the women's world. Current trends and modern elements, such as a knit upper, are combined with extravagant details. Many La Strada sneakers have a heel detail in snakeskin look or have glitter parts that make your look special. Feminine sneaker slip-ons also impress with their comfortable fit and are available in a wide variety of colors. Numerous decorative elements make La Strada shoes a glamorous everyday companion, so get the latest styles from the Dutch brand!

La Strada Damensneaker


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