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Sustainable TOMS Shoes

TOMS shoes can be found in the summer and also in the transitional period on many feet. This is not only due to the beautiful and especially light design with...

TOMS shoes can be found in the summer and also in the transitional period on many feet. This is not only due to the beautiful and especially light design with the typical layered look, but also due to the philosophy of the company. Since its inception, the TOMS brand has aimed to improve people's lives through entrepreneurial activities. Founder Blake Mycoskie traveled to Argentina in 2006. There he saw that a great many children lived in poverty and did not own shoes. Therefore, they had a much higher risk of injury and were also unable to attend school. His idea was therefore to use his company to donate a new pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair sold. "One for One" - with this motto, TOMS became successful and has now given almost 100 million pairs of shoes to those in need. But the American company also works with numerous humanitarian organizations and now gives 1 € to a donation fund for every 3 € the company earns. TOMS is all about responsible giving and, for example, the brand has supported global relief efforts with its TOMS COVID-19 Global Giving Fund. But the company itself also focuses on the well-being of its employees. Within the supply chain, human trafficking and slavery are also prohibited.

In addition to the organizations TOMS works with, the company has also launched its own initiatives to help people. In 2011, TOMS Eyewear was founded. For every pair of glasses sold, TOMS helps one person regain their sight - whether it's through a vision aid, medical treatment or ophthalmic surgery. However, TOMS Eyewear also supports eye health or eye care literacy programs in communities in need. TOMS Roasting Co® was founded in 2014. Through revenue from coffee sales, TOMS has been able to partner with Water for People to help install sustainable water systems in communities in need.

TOMS - "Tomorrow's Shoes" for a better future

TOMS shoes not only inspire with their "One for One" motto, but now also come in part from sustainable production. The so-called earthwise™ products are made with environmentally friendly materials and processes. In this collection, there are TOMS Classics models with plant-dyed material that do not use chemical dyes. Organic cotton, hemp, linen or jute serve as the upper material here. Other earthwise™ models have an environmentally friendly Repreve upper: this polyester material is made from recycled bottles. In this way, the production of TOMS shoes saves water and produces less CO2. In some models, the inner lining is made of Tencel™ Lyocell, which is obtained from wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. Other details include the Ortholite® ECO LT insole with 26% organic content and the natural raffia midsole found in many TOMS Alpargatas.

Toms Berkeley
Toms Esme
Toms Classics

Due to the light, flexible rubber sole, the TOMS Classics offer a great wearing comfort and also convince with their typical layer design. The shoe boxes consist of 80% recycled material and are printed with soy ink. Vegan models of the TOMS Classics are also available. TOMS isn't resting on its laurels, however, and continues to research other sustainable designs and materials. If you want to support the TOMS brand on its way, you can check out the great slip-ons and sneakers for men and women in the Schuhdealer store. We offer a wide range of colors and patterns, so you can find the right model for every occasion.


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