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Drying shoes - cold and wet shoes, what to do?

In autumn, wet shoes are not uncommon. Sooner or later, the moisture will penetrate into the shoe. To dry your shoes then again, we have collected a few tips for...

In autumn, wet shoes are not uncommon. So that your shoes do not get wet from the inside, you should impregnate them thoroughly. However, if you have to spend the whole day in the rain, even impregnation usually doesn't do much. Sooner or later, the moisture will penetrate the shoe. To dry your shoes again, we have collected a few tips for you.

Drying shoes, but how?

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The first thing to do is to take off your shoes as soon as possible for the sake of your health. Remove the laces and open the shoe as wide as possible. The old home remedy of newspaper in the shoes is still the best to gently dry the shoes. Because hair dryer, microwave, oven or clothes dryer are absolute no-go's if you still want to enjoy your shoes after drying. So simply stuff the shoes with newspaper and change the paper when it has become saturated with water. This speeds up the drying process. However, coated paper or glossy paper are not suitable for this purpose, because the water is not well absorbed by such paper. Do not put the shoes on the heater to dry, as this will damage the material. Another option are shoe dryers, these are available in various designs in stores.

After drying with the help of newspaper, you should not wear white socks in the shoes, because the paper may have stained. Proper care after drying is also very important.

Tips for leather shoes


Special care is advised for leather shoes. When stuffing, dents in the upper material should be avoided, as they sometimes do not disappear after drying. Shoes with leather soles are best dried lying on their side or hung up by the laces, so the outsole can dry optimally. When the shoes are only slightly damp, they can be rubbed with shoe polish. This prevents water marks on the upper material. After drying, the shoe is then polished. It is also recommended to put shoe trees in the almost dried shoes, so the leather will resume its original shape. If your leather shoes smell bad after drying, you can use a shoe deodorant, for example.

Overall, fabric shoes certainly dry a little faster than leather shoes, but a little patience is always required. We hope our advice on drying shoes is helpful! If you are struggling with cold feet rather than wet feet, then insoles can be a quick and effective remedy.


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