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Birkenstock vegan sandals

Vegan Birkenstock sandals are available for men and women. In the Schuhdealer blog you can find out how to recognize them and which models are available in vegan design.

More and more people live vegan and therefore not only make sure in their diet that they do not consume animal products. For those who live or would like to live a holistic vegan lifestyle also do without animal ingredients in clothing, shoes and other articles of daily use. Many brands have already recognized this trend and produce vegan shoes. So also the traditional brand Birkenstock. In the Schuhdealer store we offer you some vegan Birkenstock sandals and give you a brief overview here.

How can you recognize vegan Birkenstock sandals?

If you want to buy the vegan version of Birkenstock sandals, you should pay attention especially to the insole. In the heel area of the insole, the vegan models have a green sign with the words "VEGAN" printed on it and the typical lettering on the insole is also in green. If you see this sign, you can be sure that you call vegan Birkenstock sandals your own.

Birkenstock Vegan Schriftzug auf Fußbett

Birkenstock Vegan - Sandals for men and women

No matter if you are looking for vegan men's sandals or women's sandals: in the Schuhdealer store we offer you different models for vegan living people. For example, you can buy the Gizeh sandal or the Mayari sandal as a vegan version online. But also the Birkenstock Yao Balance sandals are available for women in vegan version. The colors this season are mostly lighter and more subtle than conventional Birkenstock sandals. Pastel shades such as pink or light yellow go great with a summer outfit and look especially great on tanned skin. For men, the Arizona, Medina and Milano models are partly available in vegan versions. Again, these can be recognized by the green sign and lettering on the inner sole. In classic colors like brown or dark blue, men can wear their vegan Birkenstock sandals with shorts, jeans or even chinos.

The straps of the vegan Birkenstock sandals are mostly made of Birko-Flor synthetic leather. This synthetic material is durable and with the pleasantly soft inside also particularly skin-friendly. The anatomically shaped footbed is made of a cork-latex mixture, just like conventional Birkenstock sandals. However, in the vegan version, the insole is made of microfiber to allow for a particularly high wearing comfort.

Birkenstock Gizeh Vegan
Birkenstock Milano Vegan Blau

Other models that are made without leather are the Birkenstock EVA sandals. They are extremely lightweight and have the typical pre-shaped footbed for a great wearing comfort. In various classic and also gaudy colors we have models like Gizeh and Arizona, but also newer variants like Barbados and Honolulu as vegan Birkenstock sandals for you in stock. So check out Schuhdealer right now and get your vegan Birkenstock sandals for men and women.


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