Vegan shoes


Today, vegan nutrition is no longer just a trend, for many people it is above all an attitude to life and completely normal everyday life. Anyone who eats a vegan diet, i.e. does without all animal products and thus does not support the exploitation of animals, sees it as a logical consequence to transfer this basic idea to other areas of consumption. And so the market share of vegan shoes is growing.

Characteristics of vegan shoes

If one looks at the term "vegan", it quickly becomes clear what the characteristics of vegan shoes are. Veganism is an attitude towards life that absolutely rejects the use of animals and the use of animal products, such as dairy products, honey, etc.

Features of vegan shoes are therefore:

  • They are free of leather and fur.
  • The glues used do not use animal bones.
  • Instead, cotton, linen and synthetic fabrics are used.

Labeling of the materials

When you take a look at a shoe, as an end consumer you can't always be sure what materials were used in its manufacture. Have fabric shoes really been manufactured without using leather in the soles, for example?

In the consumer goods ordinance, § 10a labeling of footwear products gets the labeling requirement its legal background. The materials used for the upper material, the lining or insole and the outsole must be listed separately. According to the law, however, only ingredients that account for at least 80 percent each must be listed. If, for example, a canvas shoe has a tiny leather trim on the upper edge, the manufacturer may not clearly declare this because the leather content is too low. And so it can be difficult for the vegan shoe buyer to decide for himself whether this decoration is artificial or real leather. Thus the buyer must always rely on the information of the salesman, which should be actually no problem in the shoe store of the confidence.

So and then is with the topic vegan shoes also always the glue the topic, which separates the wheat from the chaff. Actually, the buyer can be almost sure that the composition of the glue was not explicitly questioned in a fabric shoe, which is available at the shoe discounters. Brands like Buffalo and Flamingo's Life, on the other hand, pay attention to just this small but fine detail.