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What is the best way to clean white shoes?

So that both white sneakers and sandals or boots do not immediately look dirty, it requires a thorough and regular care. What you need for this and what are often...

Many of you are hesitant to wear white shoes, and then when you buy them, you end up choosing shoes of a different color. That the longevity of white shoes is shorter than other colored shoes is nonsense. If you inform yourself a little bit in advance and pay some attention to it, you can still enjoy your white boots after years. Keeping them clean is probably the most crucial thing. So that both the sneakers and the sandals or boots do not look dirty immediately, it requires a thorough and regular care. What you need to do this and what are often good home remedies, you will learn in our blog. Whether made of textile or shoes made of leather, it is important to first find out what material the shoes are made of in order to apply the right care products.

Care tips for white shoes

weiße Schuhe putzen

Tips: It is often discussed whether the sneakers should be in the washing machine or not. You can already wash the dirty shoes in the washing machine, but please do not wash at more than 40 ° C and if possible clean the sole beforehand and remove coarse dirt by hand. Use a cloth bag in which you pack your jewelry, so you avoid wear of the shoes in the drum. The laces should also be left out beforehand, as they dissolve quickly. After the wash cycle, shoes should air dry and not go into a dryer. (Shoes run in!)

A commercial sponge with a drop of scouring milk can also be used. It should be ensured that you do not press too hard and thus the upper layer of the plastic is broken. This will result in gray spots that can hardly be removed properly. With leather shoes, you should make sure that the shoes are rubbed with a so-called leather grease after the first or second wear. The grease not only keeps the shoes supple, but also protects them from becoming brittle. If you pay a little attention in advance, light dirt can be easily removed with a cloth or brush.

Dark jeans and white suede shoes also make a casual pair in combination at first glance, but beware of discoloration on the shoes! If you impregnate your light-colored shoes beforehand, this should not happen. If there are a few stains on the shoes, avoid using water against dirt on suede shoes. A simple white eraser is sufficient. Of course, it should be remembered that in dirty weather you do not necessarily have to go out the door with the white shoes.


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