Woden - sustainable sneakers for women from Scandinavia

Woden - urban sneakers with a Scandinavian background.

Women's sneakers have become an indispensable part of the fashion world these days, and there is a huge selection of sporty, fashionable and also unusual sneakers, so there is something for every taste. But in the meantime, more and more people are also paying attention to the idea of sustainability when it comes to shoes. For this reason, we at Schuhdealer offer you women's sneakers by Woden, which convince especially with their great Scandinavian designs, but are also produced with a sustainable concept. Fans of stylish sneakers will get their money's worth here, because Woden shoes are perfect for the urban lifestyle. In addition to the high demands on the quality of the shoes, the Danish brand pays attention to great care in production and the use of natural materials.

Woden was founded in 2013 by Carsten Holm, who himself worked for years as a shoemaker and therefore knows what matters in the shoe industry. With the concept of Scandinavian simplicity, he has created a great overall package that combines Scandinavian tradition, nature and high quality in Woden sneakers - and at an affordable price. Based in Aarhus, Denmark, the brand's women's footwear emphasizes fashion-forward styles, functional designs and an anatomical fit. This makes Woden shoes ideal for an active lifestyle in the big city.

Sustainability plays a big role in the Danish company and so the sneakers are made with the approach "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle." Resources are to be conserved, materials reused and the shoes produced in a particularly environmentally friendly way. Synthetic materials are replaced as far as possible, for example with fish leather, and the sneakers' insoles are made of environmentally friendly cork. In addition, at least 10% recycled rubber is used for the outsole.

Classic sneaker designs with Scandinavian influences - that's what Woden sneakers stand for. At Schuhdealer you will find selected models of the Danish brand, which inspire with timeless styles and exciting colors.

Woden Nora II Plateau Sneaker Rot