Woden sneakers - sustainability with style

In the Schuhdealer online store you can find classic sneaker styles from the Danish brand Woden, which inspire with great colors, high-quality materials and a sustainable production approach. But what distinguishes the sneakers from Denmark and what is behind the concept of sustainability?

The Woden brand feels closely connected to nature and is inspired by its beauty. It is therefore particularly important to Woden to protect and preserve nature and wants to produce sneakers with a green footprint. The use of synthetic materials is to be reduced more and more in the production process. Instead, Woden uses natural materials such as genuine leather, suede or even fish leather and produces cover soles made of environmentally friendly cork. At least 10% recycled rubber is also used in the outsoles.

Woden Nora II Plateau Schwarz

Woden sneakers have a classic style, are very light and promise all-day comfort. The selected materials make them sporty and chic at the same time. Very special is the fish leather, which not only reflects the origin from the north, but is also part of the sustainability concept. Fish leather is significantly stronger than calf leather and at the same time elastic and tear-resistant. Nevertheless, only 1% of fish skins are used in the fish industry for the production of fish leather. Woden uses the fish skins, which mainly come from Iceland, for the design of the women's sneakers. The fish leather is tanned in hot springs in Iceland - a particularly environmentally friendly method with 0% CO2 emissions. And so every Woden shoe is made unique by the use of fish leather.

Another special feature of Woden women's shoes is the cover sole made of cork. This is because cork is recognized by the WWF as a sustainable material, as only the bark of the cork tree is used and it grows back again. After nine years, the bark can be carefully scraped off again. In the shoes of the Woden brand, the natural material is processed into a particularly comfortable insole. The shock-absorbing property of cork provides a great wearing comfort in the Woden sneakers and also the low weight of cork is clearly noticeable.

The outsole of the Woden sneakers is made of conventional, natural and at least 10% recycled rubber, making it durable and flexible. Woden has invested years of work to find an ideal rubber compound. In the future, the percentage of recycled rubber will be further increased. However, the outsoles must still meet the strict quality requirements to provide customers with a durable and high-quality product.

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