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Toe shoes - Toe shoes are a very special type of shoes manufactured by Vibram® FiveFingers®. In their shape, they resemble a finger glove, which means that they have a single chamber for each toe. In combination with a very thin rubber sole, this ensures a high degree of freedom of movement and a natural running feel. Toe shoes are popularly worn barefoot, but there are also matching toe socks. Unlike barefoot walking, the foot is somewhat better protected in toe shoes and the rubber sole provides good slip resistance. The upper material is flexible to adapt to the movements in the best possible way and varies depending on the weather. Meanwhile, toe shoes are also available for various sports such as running or water sports.

Toe cap - A toe cap or toe cap is a stiffening part on the toe of the shoe. This is usually processed inside the shoe and is made of different materials. The toe cap is designed to maintain the shape of the shoe and protect the foot. Outdoor shoes Often have a protective toe cap sewn or glued to the upper to further protect the foot from stones or sharp objects.

Toeseparators - Toe separators are a form of the Sandalwhich was already worn in ancient Egypt. They are also called toe grippers or toe strap sandals and have a toe strap that is attached to the sole of the shoe between the big toe and the second toe. The strap can be Y-shaped or T-shaped across the forefoot. Toe separators are usually open at the back so you can slip into them easily, and often have a flat sole. Models with a low wedge heel or platform sole are also available. Mainly worn as summer shoes, toe separators also protect you from germs or sharp objects in swimming pools. Flip flops are a well-known variation of thong sandals, and dianettes are considered an elegant version of thong sandals.

Zero Drop - Zero Drop refers to shoes that have zero drop. This means that the heel and toe are at the same distance from the ground. Zero drop shoes can be health shoes or comfort shoes, but zero drop running shoes are also trending among many runners. These allow for a very natural running feel and are designed to encourage a forefoot running style. Zero drop running shoes can also have cushioning, unlike natural running shoes. The Altra brand specializes in zero drop running shoes in particular.

Tongue - Tongue is the colloquial term for the tongue of the shoe. This is located below the closure and is designed to reduce pressure on the foot and prevent dirt from entering the shoe. It may be sewn to the side of hiking boots with additional side pieces. This provides enhanced protection against moisture and dust.

Doublestitched - Double stitched, or "norwegian welt," is a style of footwear in which the welt and insole are stitched together at the side. The seam is thus visible and is next to the double seam. This explains the name "zwiegenäht". Shoes with this type of making are very durable and are mainly used as work shoes or mountain boots.

Midsole - The midsole lies between the insole and the outsole of the shoe and is processed to better protect the foot from bumps. In classic leather shoes, another leather sole is used as a midsole, which gives the shoe additional stability. Sneakers, sports shoes or Hiking shoes often have a cushioning midsole, which increases the comfort of the shoes.