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Adiletten: Anti-fashion at its best!

Once upon a time, a brave Adidas bathing sandal emerged from the shallows of German saunas to conquer the throne of fashion sandals....

Once upon a time, a brave Adidas bathing shoe emerged from the shallows of German saunas to conquer the throne of fashion sandals... The story of the Adilette sounds like a modern fairy tale. For a long time, it was the Cinderella among Adidas shoes - a basement child that did its duty in dirty wet rooms. In 1963, Adi Dassler designed today's cult shoe for his athletes: an inconspicuous rubber flap with suction cups on the sole, whose sole purpose was to protect athletes from athlete's foot fungus in dirty locker rooms and shower stalls. Soon, the hard-working Adidas slippers were also being used on the feet of ordinary people, without anyone in fashion circles taking any notice of them. But that was soon to change.

Adiletten in Rot

Germany's ballers and permanent campers aren't exactly known for their fashion sensibility, and the well-behaved show-off got to feel that too: Adiletten were simply far too comfortable and practical to wear only at home in front of the boob tube. And they went really well with baggy sweatpants, fine-ribbed undershirts and white tennis socks. That's how the disaster took its course: year after year, an army of fashion duds in adilettos and white stockings overran the beaches of the South.

The outrageous fashion offense of the supposed chav slap called the international fashion police on the scene. As the "Assilette," the Adilette became the epitome of the West German Bad Taste - its reputation ruined. That could be the sad end of the story, but it's not. Because we all know that fairy tales always end well - including that of the Adilette. But how did the ugly duckling become the beautiful swan? How did the Cinderella shoe make it to the luxury feet of fashion princesses like Katy Perry and Rita Ora?


The anti-fashion trend makes it possible and mixes up the fashion world from time to time: Trendsetters suddenly wear "unaesthetic" footwear like Birkenstock sandals, Hush Puppies or Crocs with enthusiasm. And so, for a few years now, a comfortable shoe has been making a comeback that was previously the preserve of bathers and stubborn fashion rejects: the adilette. And yes, their fashion competence is mercilessly underestimated. Comfortable, versatile and utterly timeless, adilettes are as simple as they are brilliant. The lightweight pool slides by Adidas Originals are by far not only suitable for classic casual and sportswear outfits. For a successful style break, wear Adiletten with suit trousers, silk blouse or summer dress. Even the infamous white tennis socks have been rehabilitated in the meantime - adilettes are allowed to do everything! And if they haven't died (they haven't, don't worry), they'll be shuffling across our beaches and campsites again this summer. We are looking forward to it!

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