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Baabuk wool sneaker

Freshly arrived: the new Baabuk sneakers for the fall / winter season! Classic sneaker designs convince here with a special feature - the sheep's wool upper.

Freshly arrived: the new Baabuk sneakers for the fall / winter season! Classic sneaker designs convince here with a special feature - the upper material made of sheep's wool. Because wool has several great properties that make Baabuk shoes the ideal companion in everyday life. In summer, they cool your feet and prevent odors, in the transitional period and in winter they keep your feet pleasantly warm. The tightly woven material is also particularly durable, flexible and water-repellent. But Baabuk also relies on wool because the company is committed to producing sustainably and fairly. That's because Baabuk is B-Corp certified and adheres to strict environmental and social standards to work for a better future. Sheep's wool meets the label's claims to produce fair and sustainable footwear. That's why it was the first choice for the founders from Switzerland to produce the shoes.

Wool sneakers from Baabuk - comfortable through everyday life

Baabuk sneakers for men and women benefit from the great properties of sheep's wool, which is also recyclable and environmentally friendly. Another plus point of the sneakers, however, are the elastic laces with which you can easily slip into your Baabuk sneakers. The rubber sole that is stitched to the upper is also very lightweight and flexible. Nevertheless, it is durable enough for you to enjoy your Baabuk shoes for a long time. Depending on your preference, you can wear the great wool shoes as a flat version or as a higher-cut version. The Urban Wooler is the flat model, which is available in the Schuhdealer store in classic colors like black or gray. The Sky Wooler is a higher-cut model that will keep your feet warm, especially on cooler days. Brand new is the Sky Wooler from the Blacknose Sheep collection. The wool of the sneaker comes from the Valais Blacknose Sheep and the design also resembles the cute sheep. This Baabuk sneaker has a black "nose" and features black contrast stitching and a stitched sole in black.

Baabuk Sky Wooler und Baabuk Urban Wooler

Baabuk slippers

So that you do not get cold feet at home, we have again warm Baabuk slippers for you at the start. The felt slippers convince with their simple design and are made for relaxing hours at home. The upper material of the Baabuk slippers is made of New Zealand wool, which is felted only with soap and water. The more you wear your Baabuk slippers, the better they will adapt to your foot shape.

Baabuk Mel Hausschuhe Grau

So you get super comfortable slippers made of wool. Another feature are the insoles made of wool felt, which convince with the same properties as the upper material and comfortably cushion your feet. The Baakuk slippers are equipped with a natural latex sole, which is sewn on the edge and glued with sustainably sourced glue from the rubber tree. Thus, the Baabuk slippers are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional slippers. Get the great Baabuk slippers and sneakers at Schuhdealer Shop and pamper your feet with soft wool.


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