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Evening Shoes - Evening shoes are generally referred to shoes that are worn with evening dress, party outfits or other festive outfits. There are no limits to the color, shape and design of the shoes. With a colorful or particularly eye-catching evening dress, you should rather choose evening shoes with a simple design and a classic color like black. However, you can also combine the "little black dress" with extravagant high heels or pumps with glitter or other eye-catching details and thus skillfully put your evening shoes in the limelight.

Rolling motion - The rolling motion is the natural movement of the foot when walking or running, when it hits the ground and then pushes off again. The foot comes up on the heel and rolls over the instep to over the toes. The big toe should be the final push-off point. The natural rolling motion occurs in conjunction with pronation, where the foot bends slightly inward and cushions the impact.

Heel - A heel is the elevation of the shoe at the heel. Heels come in various shapes and different heights. In high-quality leather shoes, the heel usually consists of several layers of leather. In Europe, shoes with heels first appeared around 1600 and were worn mainly by aristocrats.

Push-offphase - The push-off phase refers to the phase of the rolling movement in which the foot lifts off the ground, "pushes off" so to speak. In running shoes, the shoe can promote the push-off phase and guide the foot, thus ensuring a faster running motion.

Allover print - Allover print is a print used to decorate shoes, where a uniform pattern is printed all over the upper. Allover prints are not only found on shoes, but also on clothing or Accessories.

Alpargatas - The name Alpargatas is of Spanish origin and refers to shoes that are also known as "espadrilles". This type of shoes is mainly worn in the summer without socks and is characterized by a simple slip-on shape without closure. Another characteristic feature is the sole knotted from plant fibers. Alpargatas are available for women, men and children and are mainly made of cotton or linen. Numerous manufacturers offer the summer shoes in a wide range of colors, so they can be super combined with summer outfits.

Animal Print - The term animal print comes from English and refers to patterns inspired by animal fur. For many women, animal print is a real favorite and not only on shoes, but also on clothing and accessories. Depending on your preference, there are different animal patterns such as leopard, tiger, zebra, snake or crocodile.

Ankle Boots - The term "Ankle Boot" comes from the English ("ankle" - "ankle", "boot" - "boot") and refers to boots whose shaft reaches approximately to the ankle. These shoes are available in a wide variety of designs with high and flat heels and can be worn with many outfits. For winter outfits, the ankle high boots are also available with warm lining. Thus, they can be worn all year round and as an intermediate form of pumps and classic boots, it is impossible to imagine the fashion world without them. As true combination wonders, ankle boots fit super with tight pants, Dress and also to skirts.

AnkleSandal - Ankle sandals or ankle sandals can also be referred to as ankle sandals. Similar to ankle boots, they have a shaft that extends to the ankle. They are made of various materials and often have embellishments such as buckles, straps or interlacing. At the toes and usually also at the heel they are open and can thus be worn especially in summer with skirts and dresses, but also with shorts. Depending on your preference, the Ankle Sandals are available with a high or flat heel and are thus the ideal companion to the summer party.

Donning Aid - The donning aid, or donning loop, refers to a loop or strap that is attached to the edge of the shaft, or sometimes to the flap, to make it easier to get into the shoes. This is done by pulling on the loop with the fingers when putting on the shoes.

Breathability - The breathability of shoes is an important factor, especially in summer and also in sports shoes. With high breathability, water vapor can pass to the outside. However, this only works if the upper material is water-repellent. This ensures a pleasant shoe climate.

Treadphase - The tread phase initiates the stance phase when walking or running. For most people, the heel of the foot is the first to touch down when walking. Shoes should cushion the impact during the tread phase to protect the joints.

Outsole - The outsole is the outer part of the sole that comes into contact with the ground. In technical jargon, the outsole is called the outsole and is divided into a long sole and a half sole. The long sole extends the entire length from heel to toe and can be made of leather, natural latex (crepe sole), rubber or a rubber compound.

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