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Canvas - Canvas is a material that is mainly used for sailing shoes or also for some Sneakers used as an upper material. It is a durable material made from cotton and resembles canvas.

Chelsea Boots - Chelsea boots are a very popular variant of the ankle boot. In the past, the Chelsea boot was a purely men's shoe, but now it is also available for women and children. Characteristic features are the rubber band inserts on both sides and a mostly ankle-high shaft. Due to the fastenerless construction, the Chelsea boot can be easily put on and offers a very comfortable fit. The classic version is made of high-quality genuine leather, but models made of synthetic leather are also available. With a mostly flat heel, the Chelsea boot is a simple companion that can be worn with rolled-up pants or even skinny jeans. If you like it a little flashier, you can go for boots with inserts in extravagant shapes or exciting colors.

Chrome T anning - Chrome tanning is the most common tanning process for shoe uppers and is done with the help of chrome salts. The tannins inhibit decay of the animal hide and convert it into leather. This contrasts with vegetable tanning and chrome-free tanning using synthetic materials.

Chucks - Chucks are simple sports shoes made by the Converse company, which were launched as basketball shoes under the name Converse Chuck Taylor Allstars in the early 20th century. Since then, the lightweight canvas shoes with the rubber toe cap and the star on the side have been a real bestseller and are known as "Chucks" in Europe. They are mainly worn as summer shoes with casual wear and casual looks, as they are particularly breathable with the light fabric and ventilation holes on the side. Chucks are available as a flat or higher cut version with classic lacing and now come in a wide variety of colors, so there is something for every taste.

Chukka boot - The chukka boot is an elegant men's shoe, which in its original form was made of high-quality suede leather. It usually has an ankle-high shaft and a welted crepe sole. In the past, the chukka boot belonged to the clothing of polo players, but now it is a classic men's shoe, worn mainly with casual clothes. With an open lacing and usually two or three lace eyelets, the chukka boot is a simple yet chic companion to tight jeans or chinos. As a classic variant in noble smooth leather, chukka boots can also be worn with a suit. In timeless colors like black, brown, gray or beige, the chukka boot is a must for style-conscious men.

Chunky Sneaker - This type of Sneaker is also known as Dad Sneaker or Ugly Sneaker and is a fashion trend that revives the chunky shoes from the 90s. Characteristic of chunky sneakers are the thick and particularly eye-catching sole and the extravagant and sometimes futuristic upper materials. Ugly sneakers come in a wide variety of colors and shapes and are primarily made for self-confident women and men who want to make a statement with their shoes. Because chunky sneakers are guaranteed to be the eye-catcher of an outfit. Nevertheless, the fancy women's shoes and men's shoes can be combined in many ways and worn with a dress, skirt or pants.

Clog - Clogs probably evolved in England from earlier work shoes that were worn in a butcher shop or brewery, for example. These slipper-like shoes are closed in the front and have a solid sole, which is made of wood. A rubber outsole provides additional cushioning and slip resistance. The upper is usually made of leather or durable fabric and is nailed to the wooden sole. Clogs are therefore available in different designs for men and women. A positive aspect of these shoes is the rigid wooden sole, which strengthens the foot muscles while walking. Colloquially, similar shoes that are made entirely of plastic or have a plastic sole are also called clogs.

College Shoes - This term is a colloquial term for penny loafers, which were worn with the school uniform, especially at American colleges, and thus gained more and more popularity. The college shoe is a fastenerless low-heeled shoe available for men and women. As a classic shoe model, the college shoe can be worn with chic casual outfits and is available in muted colors like brown or black. But also more fancy models in patent leather or with crocodile leather look are popular and can be skillfully set off with a ¾-pants. The slip-on form of the college shoes offers a comfortable fit. Overall, the Loafers lightweight and flexible and can be worn with many outfits.

Color blocking - Colorblocking is a fashion trend in which different colors are combined with each other even though they are opposite each other on the color wheel (complementary colors). This results in interesting and eye-catching color combinations. Flashy colors or colors that don't harmonize can be combined in an outfit for a modern, fresh look.

Continental sole - For the outsole of the shoes, a rubber coating manufactured by the company Continental is used. This is especially popular with Outdoor shoes or other running shoes of the brand adidas Where a non-slip sole with high tread resistance is important.

Cowboy Boots - Cowboy boots are also called western boots or western boots and refer to boots that evolved from work boots for cowboys. They have a distinctive look with a calf-high shaft and a usually arched shaft edge. In addition, the boots have a narrow toe, a welted sole and a slightly slanted heel. The upper material is mainly made of sturdy leather, but there are also models made of exotic materials such as snakeskin or crocodile leather. Many of the cowboy boots have embellishments such as topstitching or colored leather inlays. Western boots are available for men and women and are primarily worn with jeans. Women can boots but also wear them with a dress or skirt to give the outfit a rustic touch.

Cupsole - The cupsole is a type of sole that is predominantly used for Skate shoes is of importance. It is stitched and additionally glued as well as more cushioned and wider than a vulcanized sole. The cup sole is intended for tricks with strong impact, because technical tricks can not be performed so well with this type of sole. Its name comes from the shape, as it encloses the shoe.

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