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DAS footbed - DAS stands for "Dolomite Anatomic System" and describes a footbed of the brand Dolomite. The anatomical shape of the footbed reduces stress and provides a comfortable fit. It also provides less fatigue and improves posture by ensuring greater stability and balance.

Cushioning shoes - Cushioning shoes are a type of running shoes that belong to neutral shoes. They are mainly characterized by high to very high cushioning in the midsole and are also known as cushion shoes. Due to the high damping, these neutral running shoes are primarily intended for quiet runs on hard surfaces. On asphalt or concrete, the strong impact should be sufficiently cushioned and at the same time the joints are protected. Due to the lack of pronation support, cushioning shoes are not suitable for runners with overpronation. However, it is important for all runners to weigh up whether such a high degree of cushioning is necessary. If in doubt, a professional can help to find the right running shoes.

Cushioning System - Cushioning systems are special technologies incorporated between the insole and outsole, especially in running shoes, designed to cushion impact. Good cushioning is especially important on hard surfaces, if you are overweight or if you are an untrained runner. However, the running style also plays a role in the degree of cushioning. Different running shoe manufacturers have specially developed cushioning systems for different requirements.

Cover sole - The cover sole, also called cover insole, is part of the shoe lining and refers to the cover layer that is glued to the upper side of the insole. The cover sole can be made of different materials and should be sweat-resistant and colorfast.

Derby - Derby shoes are classic Men's shoesshoes that are characterized mainly by their open lacing. The side rear parts of the shoe are sewn onto the front part and accommodate the lacing. Derby shoes are characterized by easy entry, as they open wide, and are particularly suitable for men with a high instep. In Europe, the Derby is a common shoe and, made of smooth leather in black or brown, can also be worn with a suit. With a sportier sole, Derby shoes also go well with jeans, cloth pants or corduroy. The open lacing and shape of the side parts is also called a derby cut in other shoes.

Desert boots - This form of ankle-high boots was originally launched by the company Clarks. Desert boots are usually made of high-quality suede leather and have a simple lacing with two lacing eyelets and a stitched crepe sole. Due to its comfortable fit, the desert boot has quickly become a popular casual shoe. With its simple design, the men's shoe can be combined with many outfits and is mainly available in muted colors. This simple form of ankle boot is also available for women and can be worn with skinny jeans or 7/8 pants.

Dianette - The Dianette is a form of the Summer shoes and refers to toe separators with elegant embellishments. These can be fine materials, gemstones or other applications. With a thin sole, usually made of rubber, dianettes are particularly flexible and a stylish companion on hot days. That's why they are often worn with airy outfits in summer. They offer an open, loose fit and come in such different variations that everyone can find the right pair of dianettes. Some models also have a heel strap, which provides a better grip. With flowers, stones, beads or glitter, the outfit can be beautifully complemented or to the simple Dress be set a great highlight.

Double st itching - With a double stitching, the outsole and the frame of welted shoes are sewn together. This double-threaded seam is particularly durable. It is made either by hand or with the Goodyear double stitch machine.

Driegenäht - In the driegenäht shoe (also trigenäht), the shaft, which is folded over to the outside, is sewn to the bottom by three seams. This makes three-stitched shoes particularly durable. However, this method is very costly and is no longer used today.

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