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Fake-Fur - The term fake fur comes from the English language and stands for artificial fur that has been imitated real fur. In shoes, fake fur is sometimes used as a warming lining for winter shoes.

Heel - The heel is the back part of the foot, which is somewhat protruding. The Achilles tendon attaches to the heel. When walking, the heel first touches down and then the foot rolls over the big toe.

Heel cap - The heel cap supports and guides the foot while standing and walking. This cap is usually incorporated at the heel between the upper leather and lining leather and can be made of leather or plastic. In Outdoor shoes or work shoes, the heel cap is often placed on the outside to provide additional reinforcement to the upper as well.

Heel Lacing - Heel lacing, as the name implies, is located on the back of the shoe. This form of lacing is sometimes found on long-shaft boots or half-shaft boots. In the field of running shoes, a special lacing technique is called heel lacing or marathon lacing. This lacing allows for better support in the heel area.

Fivefingers® - Barefoot running is in the nature of man. Robert Fliri, the inventor of Fivefingers®, thought so too. In 2005, he had the idea of developing shoes that emulate barefoot running as closely as possible. The result is the toe shoes, which resemble a finger glove and are made for the feet. A thin rubber sole and lightweight mesh or neoprene upper wrap around the foot like a glove for super lightweight and natural comfort. Running like barefoot strengthens the muscles and also the sense of balance. Together with the company Vibram® are the Fivefingers® meanwhile become the best-seller and inspire nature lovers and sportsmen equally.

Flamenco - The Flamenco is a chic women's shoe with a heel of 3 to 8 cm, which originated as a shoe for flamenco dancing. With a smooth and relatively plain upper, this shoe is an ideal match for the fancy costumes flamenco dancers wear. A strap ensures that dancers don't lose the shoe, and a block heel provides a secure foothold. The classic flamenco shoe is worn in colors like black, red or even brown with the dance dress. However, the flamenco shoe style has now also established itself as an elegant evening shoe for women and is no longer worn only for flamenco dancing.

Flipflops - Flipflops belong to the category of toe separators. They are made entirely of plastic or natural rubber and have diagonal straps and a toe bridge. The summery shoes owe their name to the Sandals summery shoes owe their name to the sound they make when you walk. They are mainly worn for leisure and, just like bathing sandals, serve to protect against germs and injuries. Since flip-flops come in a wide variety of colors, they can be combined in many ways with summer outfits such as dresses, skirts or shorts. But also in the swimming pool they are the ideal companion to swimwear. The way they are made is very simple and that is why flip flops can be found on the market at low prices.

FlyteFoam - FlyteFoam is a cushioning midsole that the Asics company uses for some running shoes. It is made of reinforced fibers and is much lighter than traditional EVA midsoles.

Fresh Foam - Fresh Foam refers to a soft, cushioning midsole made by the company New Balance. This is mainly used in running shoes and provides a well-cushioned run with low weight.

Footshape™ Toe Box - The Altra brand designed this shape of toebox for their running shoes to give the toes more room. This allows them to spread naturally and push off more powerfully. This also improves stability.

FuelCell - FuelCell is a midsole technology for running shoes made by New Balance. This provides energetic cushioning with a high energy return. This helps to support forward movement.

Footbed - A footbed, or removable footbed, is a removable insole that can serve a variety of functions. For example, the footbed serves to provide cushioning, absorb sweat, or support the arch of the foot. When worn, a footbed can be easily replaced.

Lining - Lining is the short name for shoe lining and refers to the inner lining of the shoe. It can be made of leather, textile or synthetic material and makes the upper sturdy. Winter shoes often have a fur lining or insulating layer to keep the feet warm.

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