Shoe dictionary - letter G

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Gaiter - Gaiters are worn over the shoe and are designed to prevent the ingress of moisture and dirt. Trail running shoes often have eyelets or loops for attaching a gaiter. This can sometimes extend below the knee.

Gel cushioning - Gel cushioning is used in many Asics brand running shoes. It is usually visibly processed in the midsole in the heel area, but sometimes also in the forefoot area. It provides increased cushioning and comfort as well as a smooth rolling motion.

Tanning - In the production of shoe leather, tanning refers to the transformation of perishable animal skin into leather. Certain tanning agents are used for this purpose.

Ghilly lacing - In ghillie lacing, the eyelets or loops are attached to the upper. This visually brings the lacing to the forefront. Ghilly lacing is often found on athletic shoes.

Smooth Leather - Smooth leather is a term used to describe various types of leather in which the grain side is finished on the outside. Although it is called smooth leather, it can be textured, grained, embossed, or shrunken, in addition to being smooth.

Gore-Tex - Gore-Tex is a membrane used in clothing and footwear that is described as both waterproof and breathable. It is processed on a textile substrate as a laminate and has microscopic holes that do not allow water to pass through. For water vapor, the holes are large enough so that it can escape.

Rubber boots - Rubber boots are made entirely of rubber and are used primarily to protect against moisture and dirt. They were originally worn as work boots in various professions, but have become a staple in the footwear world. Rubber boots are available for women, men and children in a wide variety of colors and designs, so that the right boot can be found to match the raincoat, guaranteed. Colorful patterns and bright colors bring variety into the dark season and so rubber boots are a practical companion on cold rainy days, when the children want to romp in the puddles. Children's rubber boots often also have a drawstring at the ends of the shaft. For ladies, the functional boots are sometimes available with a block heel or in the form of a Chelsea boot with elastic inserts. For the cold season, there are also lined rubber boots that keep the feet nice and warm and protect them from moisture.

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