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Low shoes - Low shoes is an umbrella term for shoes with a closed upper that only reaches below the ankle. Low shoes include, for example, flat sneakers, moccasins or even Loafers. They are available for men, women and children in a wide variety of colors and designs. Elegant low shoes are often made of high quality leather and have a flat heel or no heel at all. For summer outfits, there are low shoes made of light fabric with a thin sole. However, probably the best known and most popular form of low shoe are sneakers, which can be worn almost all year round. The range of Women's sneakers and Men's sneakers is huge, so everyone can find the right pair.

Slippers - Slippers are especially popular during the cooler months of the year. They are designed to keep feet warm and prevent slipping with a slip-resistant sole. Colloquially, they are also called slippers, slippers, slippers or slippers. A wide range of slippers is available for men, women and children. The sole is usually made of rubber, felt or even leather and is designed to provide a good grip even on tiles, for example. For summer, there are models with adjustable straps and for winter, warmly lined slippers with lambskin, cotton or felt are a bestseller. Cottage slippers with an ankle-high shaft and a thin sole are also a popular form of slippers.

High-Cut - High-cut or high-top are sneakers or even basketball shoes whose shaft reaches above the ankle. These provide very good stability so that the ankle does not bend easily. However, for more freedom of movement, a mid-cut or even low-cut is recommended.

High Heels - Highheels are women's shoes that have a heel over 7 cm. For the category of high heels, only the heel height is decisive. Accordingly, high heels come in various designs and shapes, for example, as pumps, peep toes, ankle boots or even sandals. The high heel visually stretches the legs and gives the outfit additional elegance. Thus, they are not only perfect for a business outfit, but can also be worn with skinny jeans or a cocktail dress. However, it is important for the wearer that high heels are not worn all day, otherwise it can cause damage to the joints in the long run.

High-Top Sneaker - This form of sneaker is characterized by a high shaft that goes up to or slightly above the ankle. High-top sneakers used to be most popular for sports such as basketball or skating, but are now a popular shoe for everyday wear as well. Due to the high shaft, which is often also softly padded, high-top sneakers provide a good hold in the shoe and ensure that the ankle does not bend so easily. High-top sneakers usually have a classic lacing, which allows for optimal adjustment. Some models also have a zipper on the side, which makes it much easier to put on and take off.

Rear cap - Rear cap is a synonym for heel cap. This cap provides support and stability in the heel area. In some shoe models, the back cap is placed on the outside of the upper. In elegant shoes, on the other hand, it is processed between the upper and the lining.

High-front pumps - This type of women's shoes resembles the classic pumps, but has a high-closed shaft. As a result, they can also be seen as low heeled shoes. High-front pumps are made of high-quality leather or even imitation leather and usually have a heel of 3 to 6 cm. They are available with different closures, for example, with lacing, a zipper, a buckle or even with elastic inserts. In classic colors like black, brown, gray or beige, high front pumps are real combination talents, but also in dark red they are a real eye-catcher. High-front pumps for women are mainly worn with trousers, but in combination with elegant tights, the shoes also cut a good figure with a skirt or dress.

Cottage sl ippers - Cottage slippers is the name given to a type of slipper that has a high shaft up to the ankle. They originated in the mountains, where residents or even hikers put on the comfortable slippers when they came in from the cold outside. Due to the natural, warming materials, the cottage slippers quickly gave warmth and provided comfort. At that time, cottage slippers looked more like thick socks with a sewn-on leather sole, and even today such models are still available. Some manufacturers offer cottage slippers made of a cuddly woolen whale fabric with knitted cuffs and a latex-coated felt sole that has slip-resistant properties. Especially in winter, cottage slippers are a popular type of slippers.

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