Shoe dictionary - letter I

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Impregnating agents - Impregnating agents are agents that are applied to leather or textile materials to keep moisture and dirt out. Waterproofing agents are available as sprays, which are used for shoes and textiles. However, grease and wax creams can also be used as waterproofing agents for leather.

Inner shaft - The inner shaft can be composed of different parts and is the same as the shoe lining. Thus, the inner shaft is found only in lined shoes and can be made of leather, textile or plastic. It serves to stabilize the upper and is intended to provide comfortable warmth in winter shoes.

Inner sole - The inner sole corresponds to the insole and refers to the part in the shoe on which the foot stands. The insole runs the entire length of the shoe, but can also be divided into several parts. Often, in inexpensive shoes, it is additionally provided with a cover sole.