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Marathon l acing - Marathon lacing is a lacing technique for running shoes and is also called heel lacing because it provides better support in the heel area. This is especially beneficial on long distances.

Marathon Shoes - Marathon shoes belong to the category of running shoes and are specifically designed for marathons. They should be comfortable for the long distance of a marathon above all. It is important not only to consider the degree of cushioning, but also to choose the right size and shoe width. In addition, the upper material plays a major role. On warm days, a breathable material is advantageous, while on rainy days or wet trails, a water-repellent material is advisable. Since many runners are concerned with the personal best time in the marathon, marathon shoes are fast and light. Furthermore, the inner shoe should not have any disturbing seams to avoid friction and blisters. In principle, however, runners can also use other types of running shoes for a marathon.

Maximum shoes - Running shoes that have a high degree of cushioning and absorb the impact of running particularly strongly are called maximum shoes. This contrasts with minimal shoes. Maximal shoes are available for men and women from different manufacturers. The cushioning is usually in the midsole of the running shoe and ensures less muscle fatigue. Maximum cushioned running shoes are primarily made for runs on very hard surfaces, e.g. asphalt or concrete, but also for longer runs over 10 kilometers. Runners with high weight or heel running style also benefit from maximal shoes. Despite the thick, cushioning midsole, however, the running shoe does not necessarily have to be heavy.

Membrane - A membrane is often referred to as a climate membrane in shoes and is supposed to be waterproof and breathable at the same time. Since it is usually extremely thin, it is applied to a carrier material and processed in shoes between the outer shaft and lining.

Mesh - Mesh is a net-like fabric that is usually very thin and made of nylon or polyester. Because of its mesh structure, mesh is often used in athletic footwear to provide good breathability. However, mesh is also used as a lining in shoes or textiles.

Mid-cut - The mid-cut, also known as mid-top, is the intermediate form of low-cut and high-cut and reaches approximately to the ankle. Shoes with a mid-cut upper give more support than low-cut shoes, while giving more freedom of movement than a high-cut. So mid-cut shoes are a successful middle ground.

Minimal shoes - Minimal shoes are a type of running shoes that are minimally designed. This means that they do away with supportive elements, have a very thin sole without a drop, and have a wide toe box. The thin sole and wide toe box allow the foot to move naturally. In addition, lightweight and flexible materials are used to allow good freedom of movement. So minimal shoes really only protect you from the weather and sharp objects. However, the switch from traditional running shoes to minimal shoes should be taken slowly so that the feet have time to get used to the motion.

Midsole - The midsole is another term for the midsole and refers to the sole layer between the outsole and the insole of the shoe. It increases comfort and is sometimes equipped with cushioning systems to absorb impact and protect joints. In high-quality leather shoes, the midsole is made of leather and provides additional stability.

Moccasins - Moccasins are lightweight and flexible slip-on shoes made for men and women. They are considered the archetype of the shoe and were already worn by the Indians. Originally, the leather was passed around under the sole of the foot and sewn together over the top of the foot. Thus, the moccasin consisted of only one piece of leather. Nowadays, the moccasin has a U-shaped leaf insert over the forefoot, which provides the characteristic look and a comfortable fit. In addition, moccasins have a thin sole that better protects the shoe from wearing out too quickly. Moccasins now come in a wide variety of colors and some with buckles, tassels or other decorative elements.

Monkstraps - Monkstraps are also called "monk" for short and belong to the classic men's low shoes. In its shape, the monk is similar to the derby, but does not have a lacing, but a side buckle that holds the sides of the shoe together. The name Doublemonk, on the other hand, refers to shoes with two side buckles. The upper material of monkstraps is usually made of high-quality smooth leather in classic black or brown. The noble look is successfully softened by the side buckle. Monkstraps are mainly worn with suit trousers, but also go well with upscale casual fashion. Meanwhile, monkstraps for women are also available, which can be worn nicely with skinny jeans or other tight-fitting pants.

Mules - This term comes from the French and refers to half-open shoes to slip into. They are similar to slippers, but are worn as everyday shoes with their feminine designs and various embellishments. Since they are open at the back and sometimes at the toe, many women appreciate mules especially as an alternative to sandals. The flat models are especially characterized by their comfortable fit, while the heeled models add more elegance to the outfit. There are no limits to the design of women's shoes, so mules come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, as well as with fancy decorations.

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