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Sustainable shoes - The topic of sustainability has now also reached the shoe world. The aim here is to produce shoes in the most environmentally friendly and resource-saving way possible and to create fair working conditions. Sustainable shoes are made of materials such as organic cotton, hemp fabric, vegetable-tanned leather or natural rubber, for example. So, mainly natural materials are used for the production of sustainable shoes. In addition, however, recycled materials are also used. A transparent production chain also plays a major role here. This should be visible to the consumer and unnecessary transport routes should be avoided. Another aspect is the durability of the shoes, because a high-quality produced shoe that is worn for a long time is much more environmentally friendly than a cheap shoe that is only worn for one season. Sustainable brands in the Schuhdealer store are: Flamingo's Life, Baabuk, Woden.

Nappa(leather) - Nappa leather is a soft smooth leather from sheep or calf, originally used only for gloves or clothing. In footwear, it is mainly used in casual shoes or women's boots.

Natural Running Shoes - This type of running shoe features special characteristics for a natural feel while running. These include a lightweight, flexible and low-profile design with a low drop and minimized cushioning. Breathable materials are often used as well. This is intended to give the runner a particularly natural running feel. In addition, the muscles and tendons in natural running shoes are more actively involved in controlling movement, which strengthens them and can reduce the risk of injury. Unlike cushioned running shoes, the foot, lower leg and thigh in Natural Running shoes actively absorb the impact energy. However, if you want to switch to Natural Running shoes, you should take it slowly so that your feet and the rest of your musculoskeletal system can get used to the changed load.

Neutral shoes - Neutral shoes belong to the category of running shoes. They do not have corrective supports and are made for runners with neutral pronation. This means that the ankle does not bend inward too much while running, because a slight buckling is part of the body's natural cushioning mechanism. Neutral shoes are therefore suitable for many runners and offer a natural rolling behavior as well as good flexibility. Furthermore, neutral running shoes have comfortable cushioning and a medium to low offset. This makes them suitable for runs on soft to medium-hard surfaces. Neutral shoes are available from various manufacturers for men and women and in a wide variety of designs, so that a suitable pair of neutral shoes can be found for every requirement.

Norwegian - Norwegians are classic men's shoes, which are mainly made of high-quality leather in a derby cut. Characteristic features are the clearly recognizable vertical front seam, the sewn leaf insert on the forefoot and a profiled sole. Originally, the Norwegian was a work shoe for fishermen, where the seams were barely visible from the outside and almost waterproof. Due to the bulging stitching of the leaf insert, the rustic version of the Norwegian shoe is worn more with elegant to sporty casual clothing. The French variant has relatively flat, smooth seams, which means it can also be used as a business shoe. Norwegians are mainly available in classic black or brown and are made of smooth leather, rough leather or scotchgrain leather.

Nubuck(leather) - Calf or cow leather is primarily used to make nubuck leather. The leather is sanded to a peach-like finish on the grain side, giving it a fine, velvety texture.

Nylon - Nylon is a synthetic fiber that is particularly tear-resistant, hard-wearing and at the same time easy to clean. In shoes, nylon is partly used as an upper material and is also used in sports sandals for the straps.

The top brands in the Schuhdealer store with the letter N are:

New Balance