Shoe dictionary - letter O

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Upper - The upper, also called the outer material or upper, is the outermost layer of a shoe. Originally, leather was predominantly used for the upper, as it is breathable and particularly robust. Nowadays, however, other materials are also used, so that the shoes are cheaper to manufacture.

Ollie Area - The ollie area (often called the ollie area) is named after the skateboard trick ollie and is located on the outer, front third of an Skate Shoes. In this area, a skate shoe should be particularly reinforced, as it wears down a lot due to the grip tape.

Ortholite® - Ortholite® is a manufacturer of foam insoles that are used by a great many shoe manufacturers because of their cushioning properties. The insoles are also particularly lightweight and breathable and feature good moisture management.

Eyelets - Eyelets are small rings made of metal or plastic that are attached to the lacing of the shoe to pass the lace through. The use of eyelets can reduce friction when lacing.

Outdoor shoes - As Outdoor shoes are shoes designed for outdoor activities, such as hiking, trekking or long walks in leisure time. It depends on the intended use, because not all outdoor shoes have the same properties. A clue is given by the division into categories that indicate the intended use. Particularly important are the right size, a good fit and a good grip in the shoe. When it comes to size, outdoor shoes are better to buy a bit bigger and when trying them on, you should wear the socks that will later be worn in the shoes. Outdoor shoes Are made of functional materials that are particularly durable, and have non-slip tread soles for a firm footing.

Overknee boots - The so-called overknee boots, or overknees for short, belong to the long-shaft boots. The name for this type of Boots comes from English and stands for the shaft that reaches above the knee. Overknees are available in different designs, ranging from a very feminine style to more sporty models. They come with high spiked heels, classic block heels or completely flat heels. Many models are made of high-quality smooth leather or suede and can be combined with different outfits in muted colors such as black, brown or gray and can be worn with short skirts or tight-fitting jeans, for example.

Overlay - Overlays are pieces of leather or other materials applied to the upper, used primarily to make certain areas more durable. Originally, overlays were used on western boots as decoration and were a different color than the upper.

Oxford shoes - Oxford shoe is one of the most elegant models of men's low shoes. It is mostly made of high-quality smooth leather and features muted colors like black or dark brown. The classic oxford usually has no ornaments. Thus, it is the ideal companion to the suit, business attire or even festive clothing and ensures a stylish appearance. The Oxford shoe has a closed lacing and thus a relatively narrow fit. For this reason, it is less suitable for feet with a high instep. The oxford comes in a variety of styles that are quite costly to make, depending on the type. Shapes of the Oxford are: Plain Oxford, Captoe Oxford, Wholecut Oxford and Seamless Oxford.

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