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Slipper - Slippers are classic slippers that have a closed toe cap and an open heel. They are also called slippers and are available for men, women and children in a wide variety of colors and designs. Slippers probably originated in the Orient, where they were worn with decorations and embroidery. Around 1500, the slipper came to Europe and has since been worn mainly as a slipper. The upper of the slipper can be made of leather, felt or textile. Especially the high-quality models made of wool felt are popular, as they keep the feet warm in winter due to their climate-regulating properties and are breathable and cooling in summer. Slippers can have a felt sole or an anti-slip sole made of EVA. Some models even have a cork footbed.

Mules - Mules are summer shoes that are similar to slippers. Unlike the slipper, mules have a solid sole with usually a flat heel, made for wearing on the street. Mules can also be classified in the category of Sandals However, they do not have a heel strap. Some models have a wide shaft for easy slipping in, open at the toes. Other models can be perfectly adjusted to the foot with the help of adjustable straps. For comfort, some mules have a cork footbed. The upper of the mules can be made of different materials and sometimes has ornaments or other fashionable details. Due to the comfortable fit mules are a great companion to the summer skirt or Dress.

Parallel lacing - Parallel lacing can be identified by the fact that the visible sections of the laces run parallel to each other. This form of lacing is often used on oxford shoes.

Peeptoes - Peep toes generally refer to various women's shoe styles that have an open toe. The term was adopted from English and refers to the open toe area through which the toes peek out. This makes women's shoes look elegant and suitable for festive occasions. Peep toes are available in different shapes and colors, with flat or high heel and even as a platform peep toe. So there are no limits to the designs and so there are peep toes with different decorations such as buckles, bows, little stones or even glitter. Especially the peep toe with wedge heel and baste sole is very popular with summer dresses and skirts.

Penny lo afers - Penny loafers are a special form of loafers and are characterized by the characteristic instep bridge. This has a window-like recess in the center, where students used to put a penny to bring them luck on exams. This is where the name of the penny loafer comes from. The fastenerless loafers for simply slipping into are also colloquially known as college shoes, as they were worn with the school uniform at American colleges. Later they gained more and more popularity and are now a classic shoe model and a great companion to many outfits. Penny loafers are available for men and women and are mainly available in muted colors like black or brown. In elegant smooth leather, they go particularly well with smart casual wear.

Perforation - Perforations are circular holes in the outer shaft or overlying parts of the shaft that serve as decoration. These do not extend through the upper. This contrasts with ventilation holes, which extend into the interior of the shoe.

Spiked Heel - The spiked heel is a heel style found primarily on pumps. The heel is usually high and very narrow with a small bearing area, about the size of a small coin.

Vegetable T anning - Vegetable tanning, or vegetable tanning, uses only vegetable tanning agents to produce the leather. However, a small amount of other tanning agents may be used to aid in the tanning process.

Platform shoes - Platform shoe is a name for women's shoes, which have a raised shoe sole in the front area. In most models, this elevation is combined with a heel. It does not matter whether it is a block heel, stiletto heel or wedge heel. The raised sole in the front area makes platform shoes more comfortable to wear than heeled shoes with the same heel height. A trend of the 90s were shoes with continuous platform, through which especially the brand Buffalo became famous. Now designers are reviving this trend. Thus, various shoe models such as Sneaker and other low shoes or even Boots available with a continuous platform sole. There are no limits to the designs.

Polishing - Polishing is the process of conditioning the upper leather with wax or another agent, and then using a polishing brush or cloth to make it shine.

Primeknit - Primeknit is an upper material designed by the shoe manufacturer adidas Primeknit is an upper material designed by the shoe manufacturer that is knitted from a single piece. It is particularly flexible and stable at the same time. The sock-like fit provides the necessary support and the low weight increases the wearing comfort.

Tread - The tread of the outsole has a significant influence on the tread resistance or grip and also serves in part for cushioning. Soles with a coarse tread are mainly used for hiking boots or other Outdoor Shoes and are usually made of non-slip rubber to ensure a secure step in slippery or wet conditions.

Pronation - Pronation is the inward rotation of the limbs. This serves as a natural damping mechanism for the body when running, as the impact forces are distributed. Especially in running shoes, pronation plays a major role in preventing injuries.

Pumps - Pumps are elegant women's shoes with a medium heel height. This distinguishes them from high heels and kitten heels with a flat heel. Most models do not have a closure and usually have a wide and round open shaft. The toe of the shoe can be pointed or round. There are various designs and also different shapes of pumps. These include sling pumps, high-front pumps, lace-up pumps or pumps with platform. In classic black pumps can be worn in the office with a business outfit, but also on festive occasions. In light pastel shades, the feminine women's shoes also fit nicely to the Summer dress or with a skirt. In striking colors or with fashionable embellishments pumps are a great eye-catcher.

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