Shoe dictionary - letter R

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Welted - Welted shoes have a welt between the outsole and the upper, which is sewn to the insole and the upper. This stitching is not visible. This very intricate fastening is very rarely still made by hand, but is done by machine. Welted shoes are generally heavier, stronger and more durable than glued shoes.

Suede - Suede is a generic term for various leathers that have a velvety surface. A distinction is made between grain-side and flesh-side finished leather. Nubuck leather and suede leather belong to the suede leathers.

Riding Boots - Riding boots, or equestrian boots, are boots that are made for riding. They are an important piece of equipment as they stabilize the rider's leg. They often have a zipper in the back to make it easier to put on and take off, but there are also riding boots with laces. The upper can be made of genuine leather, synthetic leather or even rubber, and the shaft is high and tight-fitting. Most riding boots have a very flat heel, making them comfortable to wear. The fashionable version of the riding boots is modeled on the boots for equestrian sports and can be worn in everyday life with tight-fitting pants, a skirt or even to the Dress be worn.

Strap - Strap is the name for strip-shaped upper parts that connect the shoe to the foot or are used as a closure. Accordingly, there are different straps depending on their position or function. Narrow straps are called ankle straps.

Roman sandals - This type of Sandals is said to be modeled on the sandals of the ancient Romans and is sometimes referred to as gladiator sandals. Roman sandals have a solid sole and several straps or straps that can be made of leather, faux leather or sometimes textile materials. They come with different types of heels, such as a block heel, wedge heel or even with a platform. Flat models convince with a casual look and can be combined in summer in many ways. Especially extravagant are Roman sandals that are laced up to the knee, but models with a zipper for easy dressing are also available. With decorations such as beads, rivets or buckles can be beautiful accents.

Resilience - Resilience is the property of leather to return to its original size and shape after being worn. This allows the leather to conform to the shape of the foot when the shoes are worn for long periods of time (the foot swells slightly during the day).

Running shoes - Running shoes is another name for running shoes or jogging shoes. Running shoes are characterized by special features that are important for running. However, there are great differences, because each runner has different requirements and different physical conditions. For example, a heavy runner needs different running shoes than a runner with less weight. Also in terms of surface, running shoes are divided into road running shoes and trail running shoes. Special running shoes are also offered for runs on the tartan track. The degree of cushioning is another feature that divides running shoes into different categories: There are running shoes with very low cushioning to running shoes with strong cushioning. Pronation also plays a big role in choosing the right running shoes.

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