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Trail shoes - Trail shoes belong to the category of running shoes and are characterized by special features for off-road running. The word "trail" comes from English and refers to a hiking trail or path. Probably the most decisive feature of trail running shoes is a non-slip sole with a good tread to provide a good grip on stony or muddy paths. This is also referred to as "grip". However, the sole should not be too stiff, so that you do not easily twist your ankle when running on rough terrain. The upper material of trail running shoes is usually very robustly designed, but there are still big differences depending on the demand. In the summer in dry conditions, an airy upper with good breathability is required. In bad weather or in winter, waterproof materials and a weather protection edge are of great advantage.

Trekking shoes - Trekking shoes are Hiking bootsmade especially for mountain hikes. They are suitable for demanding hikes, even off the beaten path, and thanks to good cushioning provide a high level of comfort even on long tours. Trekking shoes for men and women have a sturdy, anti-slip sole, which provides a secure footing in the terrain and on stony paths. Some models are equipped with a weather protection rim or even a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane to keep feet dry even in bad weather. As with all Hiking shoes the fit and shoe size are particularly important to avoid pressure points or blisters. Therefore, the shoe size should be chosen slightly larger and when trying on the shoes, you should wear the socks with which you go hiking.

Triathlon shoes - Triathlon shoes are special running shoes that have special characteristics for triathlon competitions. They differ from "conventional" running shoes, for example, in the lacing, because in the transition zone it must go quickly. For this purpose, so-called quick lacing systems are used, which can be easily adjusted to the foot. Running shoes with a twist closure are also a popular option for a triathlon. Some triathlon shoes have a drainage system that allows water to run off through the sole. This prevents moisture from accumulating in the shoe. In addition, most models have a seamless finish to minimize friction so they can be worn barefoot. Triathlon running shoes primarily offer a fast, light and direct running feel. For tired feet, stable insoles or light support in the shoe are recommended for long races.

Trotteur Heel - This type of heel is typically used in men's shoes because it is wide, not too high, and ideal for walking. The Trotteur heel resembles a cuboid and the heel height ranges from 10 to 30 mm. The English and the American Trotteur heel are two forms of this heel. The English type has a straight heel line, whereas the American type has a curved heel line. Also, the American type is usually slightly higher.

Sneakers -sneaker is an alternative name for sports shoes and to some extent for Sneakers. Sneakers are available for men, women and children for different demands and sometimes differ greatly in their construction. For example, there are children's sneakers that are made for school sports. The decisive factor for the choice of shoes is whether the lessons take place indoors or outdoors. There are also sneakers for men and women, which must meet different requirements depending on the type of sport. For example, a sneaker for training in the gym is constructed differently than an indoor soccer shoe. Therefore, in order to avoid injuries, you should always choose suitable sports shoes for the respective sport.

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