Shoe dictionary - letter U

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Overpronation - Overpronation is the excessive inward rotation of the feet. Pronation of the foot is a natural cushioning movement and a natural inward movement. However, if the feet buckle over this natural pronation, it is called overpronation. Overpronation can have various causes. Tendons, joints and ligaments are heavily stressed with overpronation. On the shoes, you can see excessive wear on the inner outsole of the shoes in case of overpronation.

UglySneakers - Ugly Sneaker ("ugly sneakers") refers to a trend in sneakers that has to do with the comeback of fashion from the 80s and 90s. Ugly sneakers catch the eye mainly because of their chunky shape and sometimes have very flashy color combinations or extravagant patterns. But Chunky Sneakers, as the Ugly Sneakers are also called because of their chunky shape, are also available in plain white. Thereby the Women's sneakers and Men's sneaker particularly comfortable and usually have a classic lacing. The "ugly" sneakers can be combined in a variety of ways. Especially as a style break to elegant outfits are Ugly Sneakers gladly seen.

Upper - The term "upper" is the English term for the upper material, which is the outermost layer of the shoe. Leather is often used for this because it is particularly robust and yet breathable. However, other materials such as canvas, faux leather or even mesh are also used for the upper nowadays.