Shoe dictionary - letter V

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Vegan Shoes - Vegan shoes are available in numerous variations from different manufacturers, for example vegan sneakers, vegan boots or even vegan sandals. But the different shoe models have one thing in common: they are made without the use of leather or other animal products. The upper material can be made of artificial leather, textile or other materials such as corn leather. It is also important for people who live vegan that wool is not used and that the glue does not contain any animal substances. There are various certificates or labels that confirm that the shoes are purely vegan. Because just because a shoe has no leather content, it does not necessarily mean that it is 100% vegan. Vegan shoes Are now available for men, women and children.

Suede leather - Suede leather is a suede leather, which in shoe production usually comes from goats, sheep or cattle. Here, the term suede refers to a leather that is a split surface of the leather. The suede is processed in shoes on the shaft as an upper material. The velour is the upward processed back of the leather skin of the animal. In English-speaking countries, suede is referred to as "Suede" or "Hunting Leather".

Stitched sole - The outsole or ugs. sole is the lower part of the shoe. The sole is often sewn to the upper. If this connection of the individual shoe parts takes place over a stable seam, a shoe with a long durability is produced on this way.

Closure - The shoe closure ensures a tight fit of the shoes on the foot. The upper of a shoe is usually closed with a closure that can be adjusted in width, thus ensuring convenient entry and exit. Some of the most common types of closures are: Buckle closure, lace closure, snaps, zipper, Velcro closure.

Toe cap - The toe cap is a part inside the shoe that reinforces the toe of the shoe. However, it can also be placed on the outside of the upper. The toe cap can be made of different materials and its main purpose is to protect the toes and keep the shoe in shape.

Vulcanized sole / vul canization - During vulcanization, the raw rubber is converted into an elastic rubber, as it would otherwise quickly become brittle. The chain molecules of the rubber are cross-linked with the help of chemicals. The vulcanized sole is particularly convincing due to its high flexibility and good slip resistance. It is therefore often used for Skate shoes used for

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