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Waffle sole - The waffle sole is a vulcanized outsole of the brand Vans, which has a characteristic design reminiscent of a waffle. This structure is especially popular among skaters, as it provides maximum slip resistance on the skateboard.

Hiking shoes - Hiking shoes, as the name suggests, are made for hiking. There are different categories of hiking shoes, which are selected depending on the area of use. For example, a light hiking shoe is also suitable for extended walks, while a sturdy mountain boot is only for special use in the mountains. The right shoe size is important for hiking boots, which should offer sufficient space to the front, but should also not be too large. When trying them on, you should always wear the appropriate socks that you want to put on for hiking. Originally Hiking shoes made entirely of leather, but now they can be made of different materials and some have a waterproof membrane. A non-slip sole with a deep tread, sturdy lacing and a well-padded shaft are the distinguishing features of all Hiking shoes distinguished.

Removable foot bed - The removable footbed is another term for the footbed. It is loosely inserted into the shoe and can be easily replaced. This is especially important for people who need an orthopedic insole. In this case, the removable footbed can be taken out and the insole inserted into the shoe. However, depending on the type, the footbed also performs other functions, such as absorbing perspiration, providing cushioning or supporting the arch of the foot.

Wedges - Wedges are the name given to various women's shoes that have a wedge heel. The term was adopted from English, as "wedge" means something like "wedge" and refers to the heel shape. Wedges are available as sandals, ankle boots, Boots and meanwhile also as Sneakers with a wedge heel. Depending on the shoe shape, they look elegant to sporty. A big advantage of wedges for women is the heel shape, which provides better stability. In addition, the weight is better distributed over the entire length of the shoe, so wedges are more comfortable to walk than other shoes with a heel of the same height. For ladies who like it extra high, there are also wedges with platform soles. Wedges are available in a wide variety of designs and can be made of different materials.

Width - Width or shoe width is the circumferential measurement of the foot at different points. In custom footwear, width is used to construct the last so that a snug-fitting shoe can be made. There are different systems for designating the width, in Germany the different widths are marked with letters.

Western Boots - Western boots is an alternative name for cowboy boots or western boots. This type of Boots was originally made as work boots for cowboys, but nowadays it is also worn as fashionable footwear by men and women. Western boots usually have a calf-high shaft as well as a bow-shaped shaft edge, which provides a characteristic look. The toe of the shoe usually runs close and the sole is welted with a slightly beveled heel. Many cowboy boots are made of sturdy leather, but boots with exotic uppers are also available. Various embellishments such as topstitching or colored inlays provide a rustic look. Western boots for men and women go super with jeans, but ladies can also combine them with a Dress or skirt.

Weather protection edge - The weather protection edge or also belt edge represents a rubber edge around the shoe, which covers the connection of upper and sole. It protects the upper in the lower part and prevents moisture from penetrating between the sole and the upper. Of disadvantage is that the flexibility and breathability of the shoe may be limited in this area.

Suede - Suede is the name given to a velvety suede made from wild furs. The grain has been sanded down, giving suede a supple surface. Colloquially, suede is also used to refer to other suede leathers that are not made from wild skins (nubuck, suede).

Winter shoes - Winter shoe is the generic term for various types of shoes that are suitable for winter wear with a warm lining or insulation. Winter shoes also usually have a sturdy sole with a coarse tread to provide a secure step in icy conditions. The lining of winter shoes can be made of warming wool or synthetic wool, while other models have high-quality insulation to keep your feet warm on cold days. Sporty Men's winter shoes and Women's winter shoes sometimes have a waterproof membrane to keep feet dry in slushy conditions. One form of winter shoes are, for example, winter boots with a high shaft, which are especially popular with ladies. However, flat winter shoes are also available in various designs for men and women.

WMS System - The WMS system is a shoe width system with "Wide", "Medium" and "Narrow" widths offered for each child's shoe size. This system was developed in the mid-20th century by a pediatrician in Cologne, Germany, and has become a standard for children's shoes available in shoe stores. This is to find a suitable shoe for every child's foot to allow for healthy foot development.

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