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Flamingos Life

Sustainable sneakers from Flamingo's Life

Fair fashion and sustainability are very trendy. Fortunately, because fast-moving disposable fashion pollutes our environment enormously. In addition, many manufacturers hardly disclose any information about their production processes. Not so the young sneaker label Flamingo's Life from Spain: Founded in 2015, the fair fashion brand is not only fully committed to sustainable, vegan materials and fair working conditions, but also to maximum transparency. Every single step of the production process is disclosed so that every buyer can consciously make the right decisions. For the production of its stylish sneakers, Flamingo's Life uses only sustainable, plant-based raw materials and recycled materials. In addition to plastic waste from the shoe industry, the fair fashion label also recycles polyester from PET bottles. Instead of real leather, Flamingo's Life uses a high-quality imitation leather made from corn waste. Visually, it is in no way inferior to real leather, while being just as comfortable and even significantly more durable. Bamboo and hemp are also used in the uppers, as well as recycled cotton and organic cotton in the lining of the sneakers. The soles are made of recycled rubber or natural rubber.

Not only the choice of materials, but also the manufacturing conditions play an important role at Flamingo's Life. The entire production takes place in Elche, Spain, in small family-run businesses that have decades of experience in the shoemaking trade. Flamingo's Life relies on European standards and fair wages. And that's not all: with each sneaker collection, the young label supports various environmental and social projects, including the NGOs "Eden Reforestation Projects" and "Waste Free Oceans". In the name of Flamingo's Life, trees are planted and oceans are de-polluted - every pair of shoes sold makes the world a little bit better. And not only in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of style, Flamingo's Life makes no compromises. Whether classic 70's, old 80's or retro 90's: the casual sneakers of the Spanish label are inspired by classic sports shoe designs and can be worn with almost any look. Clean colors, clear silhouettes and the unmistakable F logo on the side distinguish all models. The latest Flamingo's Life sneakers for men and women in the season's colorways await you in the Schuhdealer store.