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Lizard outdoor sandals

Lizard sandals are the right choice for all outdoor fans who want minimalist footwear. The Italian brand with over 60 years of family history in the footwear industry produces outdoor shoes and sandals that focus on high-performance and comfort. However, the Pedrotti family also places great emphasis on quality and domestic production. Lizard sandals are characterized by technical features that do not restrict the movement of your feet. Soft materials and a quick lacing system fit the foot perfectly and prevent unpleasant friction. In addition, the sandals for men and women convince with their anatomical shape, the necessary protection and a high flexibility. The mostly flat sole construction of Lizard sandals also allows a good feel for the ground and the Vibram outsole provides optimal grip.

Lizard sandals are made for adventures in the great outdoors, especially for those who like to walk barefoot. Because in the sandals of the Italian brand, the feet can move freely and yet they give enough support and protection. Breathable materials also promise a high wearing comfort. Another feature of many Lizard sandals is the versatile lacing system. Depending on your needs, you can wear them as a normal sandal or as a thong sandal. To do this, you only need to open the closure and "lace up" the sandal as desired using the loops. The models with Velcro closure also offer a great fit and have an anatomically shaped footbed for the necessary cushioning and for a healthy foot position.

In Italy Lizard is the leading brand for sports sandals and in numerous other countries the brand is also known for its outdoor sandals. The functional sandals for men and women are also available in the Schuhdealer online store. So look around right now and treat your feet to comfortable Lizard sandals.