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Baby shoes - Baby shoes are primarily shoes that are put on the little ones before they start walking. They are meant to keep little feet nice and warm, and often serve fashion purposes to complement baby outfits. For their first steps, toddlers should wear baby walker shoes that give their feet the mix of support and flexibility they need. Baby shoes often have a very thin sole without a footbed, as babies are not yet standing or walking. They are often referred to as crawling shoes and are made of fabric, felt or leather. The right size is particularly important when choosing baby shoes, as baby shoes that are too small can lead to foot malpositions. How to determine the right shoe size for children and what else to consider when buying children's shoes, you can learn in the Schuhdealer blog on the topic "Shoes for the little ones".

Bathingshoes - Bathing shoes are available as open or closed variants for men, women and children and, as the name suggests, are intended for bathing or swimming. The main purpose is to protect the feet from injury and to protect them from germs in the pool. Probably the best-known bathing shoe is the Adilette from adidas, which came onto the market back in 1972 and now has fans all over the world. Bathing shoes from a wide range of manufacturers are available in this open form with a wide strap. But also as toe separators, the bathing shoes are quite suitable for a walk on the beach promenade. The closed version is mainly made for water sports or intended as swimming shoes on rocky or stony beaches. For this purpose, they are made of waterproof and quick-drying materials.

Ballerinas - Under Ballerinas generally refers to flat women's shoes, similar in shape to ballet shoes. They come in different varieties and so ballerinas can be worn with sporty, casual or even festive outfits. Especially tall women like to wear the flat shoes, because they still look chic without a heel. Ballerinas are characterized by their simple slip-on shape and are available in all kinds of colors and patterns. With glitter, all-over print, eye-catching buckle or discreet bow, there is something for every taste. They are the ideal companion to summer outfits, but also in the transitional period you can wear ballerinas with long pants.

Barefoot shoes - Barefoot shoes are a special type of shoes with a particularly flat, flexible sole and a very light structure. In this way, walking in barefoot shoes mimics walking barefoot. People who like to walk barefoot and appreciate the freedom of movement of the feet can, for example, wear barefoot shoes in colder temperatures. The natural movement strengthens the foot muscles and the thin sole protects the feet from injury. If you want to switch from conventional shoes to barefoot shoes, you should do this gradually. Only in this way will the feet have time to get used to the new shoes and injuries can be avoided.

Ventilation holes - Ventilation holes are often referred to as perforations. However, unlike perforations, ventilation holes extend through the upper. Perforations only serve as decorations on upper parts and do not extend into the interior of the shoe. Ventilation holes are found primarily on summer shoes to provide improved ventilation for the foot.

Comfort shoes - As the name suggests, comfort shoes or comfort shoes are characterized by a particularly high wearing comfort. There are different types of comfort shoes, such as orthopedic shoes and therapeutic shoes, which reduce pain in case of injuries or foot malpositions. Shoes with an exchangeable footbed for special insoles also belong to the category of comfort shoes. Important for the wearer are a good fit, soft materials for freedom of movement and a firm sole without a heel that provides support for the foot. Comfort shoes for men and women are also available as Sandals or mules and often they are available in different shoe widths. So if you are looking for shoes for wide feet, you will find them in comfort shoes.

Soling - Soling involves sewing and/or gluing a new outsole to a worn outsole, insole or welt.

Biker boots - Originally, biker boots or biker boots were only seen on the feet of motorcyclists. But due to the rough and particularly rocky appearance are the Boots nowadays not to be excluded from the fashion world. The mostly black or dark brown boots are made of sturdy leather or faux leather and often have buckles or rivets as well as a medium-high block heel and a grippy sole. Biker boots are available for men, women and even children and have a mid-high shaft that extends above the ankle. Biker boots can be worn with a variety of outfits. They go great with tight skinny jeans or leggings, but can also be combined with a skirt or dress. This is how you add a rocking touch to your look.

Birko-Flor® - Birko-Flor® is a synthetic material that the Birkenstock company uses in part for the uppers of its sandals and shoes. This material is skin-friendly, tear-resistant and easy to clean. On the inside it has a soft fleece.

Block Heel - The block heel is a medium height heel with a wide block-shaped tread. As a result, it provides a secure footing and is also more robust than narrow heels. Block heels can be found on a variety of shoe styles, such as ankle boots and pumps.

BOA closure - The BOA closure is a lacing system in which the ropes are tightened by turning them. This eliminates the need for traditional lacing. The BOA closure consists of three parts: a very finely adjustable twist closure, lightweight ropes and low-friction rope guides. It can be adjusted to fit the foot very easily and is fitted to many different types of footwear, including running shoes, snowboard boots and even work boots.

Boost sole - The Boost technology from adidas is mainly used for running shoes and consists of a thermoplastic polyurethane foam that absorbs and releases energy while running. This provides the runner with soft and responsive cushioning.

Boots - "Boots" is the English name for Boots or ankle boots and is also commonly used in German-speaking countries. The shaft of the Boots often extends over the ankle and has a lacing, zipper or buckles. But also models without closure with rubber band insert (so-called Chelsea Boots) are currently very popular. Boots are available for men, women and children and the designs are as varied as the materials used. But all boots have one thing in common: with a sturdy sole, they offer the feet more protection in the cooler, wet season than low shoes or Sneaker. Thus, they are a stylish and functional companion and a must-have for fashion-conscious men and women.

Boat shoes - Boat shoes or boatshoes were developed for sailing, but are now also popular for leisure wear. They are similar to moccasins and were originally made of waterproof leather. They have a non-slip sole and a tunneled leather strap around the entry, which allows an optimal adjustment. Boat shoes stand out especially for their maritime look and convince with high-quality materials and a high flexibility. Nowadays, models suitable for everyday use have a treaded sole, an inner lining and padding to guarantee the necessary comfort during longer walks. Boat shoes for men and women are now available in a wide variety of colors and materials.

Insole - The insole is the part of the sole on which the foot stands in the shoe. In high-quality shoes, the insole is made of leather; in cheaper shoes, the insole is usually still covered with a cover sole. The insole plays a decisive role in foot health and comfort.

Bridal shoes - The name already suggests that these are shoes for the bride. To ensure that the bride is always comfortable on foot on the day of the wedding, there is a wide range of bridal shoes. These often shine in white, cream or even silver and are available as pumps, sling pumps, peeptoes or even high heels. But unlike normal pumps or high heels, bridal shoes are particularly comfortable and offer an optimal fit. In addition, particularly elegant materials are used and filigree details make the wedding outfit complete. This way, the bride can enjoy her big day and doesn't have to worry about aching feet.

Brogue - A brogue is a classic shoe with a Men's shoewhich stands out due to its special hole decoration. It is generally divided into half brogue, full brogue and longwing. These variants belong to the category of men's low shoes, are made of high quality leather and have a solid sole. A half-brogue is simpler and therefore more suitable for business outfits. This men's shoe has a decorated cross cap. A full brogue has more ornamentation and a so-called wing cap that extends to the side. Therefore, it is more likely to be worn as a dressy casual shoe. Longwings, on the other hand, have an ornate wing cap that extends to the heel seam and look even sportier than the full brogue. Often brogues are confused with Budapestern.

Budapester - This very well-known form of classic men's shoe is characterized by high-quality materials and a traditional way of making. Budapester for men are made of genuine leather and are manufactured on a wide last. The toe of the shoe is relatively broadly rounded and has a decorated wing tip (similar to the full brogue). In addition, Budapester have a usually double-stitched sole as well as an open lacing and an attached back cap. Due to the rather chunky shape, the men's low shoe is more suitable for taller, sturdier men. The hole decorations give the Budapester a sportier look, so that it is more suitable for leisure outfits and less for suits. Its high-quality workmanship and shape retention make this men's shoe a long-lasting companion for fashion-conscious men.

Business Shoes - Business shoes are generally referred to as high-quality men's low-top shoes that are worn with suits in the office, at receptions or other formal occasions. These men's shoes have a timeless design with a classic lacing and are mainly available in plain colors like black, brown or gray. Business shoes for men are mainly made of genuine leather and usually have few embellishments for a classy look. However, more extravagant models with patterns or an upper in crocodile leather look are also available. Thus, the business shoe can become a real eye-catcher with the matching suit. For the cooler season, suit shoes are also available as a higher-cut version, for example as an elegant Chelsea boot with rubber band insert.

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