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Wedge Heel - The wedge heel is a heel style that can be found on various Ladies shoes shoes can be found. The heel gets its name from its wedge-like shape and is referred to as a "wedge" in English. Unlike other heel shapes, a wedge heel provides good stability, but is inflexible and somewhat heavier.

Children's shoes - The choice of Children's shoes is a real challenge for many parents. Because the range of children's shoes is now so large that it is easy to lose track. But especially for children, the shoes are particularly important to enable healthy growth of the feet and to prevent later foot malpositions. Therefore, there are a few things to consider when buying shoes, which can be read in the Schuhdealer blog in the article "Shoes for the little ones? The 5 best tips for buying!" can be read. The right size of the shoe and the flexibility of the sole play a major role. But the offspring also wants to have a say in terms of appearance.

Kitten Heels - This form of women's shoes is characterized by relatively small heels with a height of about 3 to 5 cm. The toe of the shoe is pointed in most models, providing an elegant style. The advantage in contrast to other heeled shoes is the low heel, which allows kitten heels to be worn comfortably for longer periods of time, even in everyday life. In addition, they are particularly eye-catching because of the small heel. Kitten heels are best combined with tight-fitting ¾-pants or even skirts. There are no limits for designers when it comes to the shape and color of chic women's shoes.

Velcro closure - The classic Velcro closure is mainly used on children's shoes. In this type of textile closure, small hooks on the so-called hook tape and the flange tape are slightly pressed together. On the flange band are many small loops attached, which form the opposite side of the hooks. If you then lift off the top band, the flexible hooks come off the loops and the hook and loop fastener, also called Velcro, opens again.

Climate membrane - Climate membranes are membranes that are waterproof and at the same time breathable. They are intended to provide a good shoe climate. Since sweat in the form of water vapor cannot evaporate unhindered, the function in terms of shoe climate is rather controversial.

Ankle area - Especially in higher-cut shoes such as hiking boots or work shoes, the ankle area is usually padded. This provides improved stability, but also improved wearing comfort.

ComfortShoes - Comfort shoes is an alternative name for comfort shoes. These shoes are made for sensitive feet and are characterized by high wearing comfort. For this, they have a soft upper, a wide forefoot area, and often removable insoles to eventually replace them with special insoles. In addition, comfort shoes have a firm sole without a heel and offer good support, especially in the heel area, to guide the foot sufficiently. Comfort shoes also include orthopedic shoes and therapeutic shoes, as well as comfort shoes in the form of sandals or mules. Comfort shoes for men and women are usually available in different widths, so that even people with wide feet can find suitable shoes.

Cork footbed - The cork footbed is especially Birkenstock and stands for high wearing comfort and an anatomical fit. The cork footbed consists of a cork-latex mixture that relieves and supports the foot.

Fake fur - Fake fur is also called fake fur and is used as an alternative to real fur. For example, it can be processed decoratively on the outer shaft or is used as a lining in winter shoes to keep the feet warm. In some cases it is also used for lined slippers.

Imitation leather - Imitation leather looks similar to real leather, but consists of a textile base layer with a synthetic coating. As a result, imitation leather is less durable and hardly breathable, but it has a lower price than genuine leather. It is also an alternative for customers who want to avoid leather.

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