Shoe dictionary - letter L

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Patent leather - Patent leather is real leather with a synthetic coating, which provides a smooth, reflective surface. However, this makes the leather non-breathable and less durable. Patent leather is mainly used for Ladies shoes but it is also used for garments and Accessories patent leather can be found.

Long-shaft boots - Long-shaft boots are a particular form of boot with a shaft up to the middle of the calf. However, the cut of the shaft is not relevant to this designation. Long shaft boots for women come in various designs and colors. They can be made of high-quality genuine leather, imitation leather or even patent leather and often have a zipper on the side to make it easier to put on and take off. The elegant Ladies boots are available with heel or without heel and also for the cold season as lined boots to have. In classic black or brown, high boots for women are a real perennial favorite and can be worn beautifully with a Dressskirt or also be worn with jeans. A special form of long boots are overknee boots.

Lug - The lug is colloquially known as the tongue and is a part of the upper below the closure. The flap is designed to prevent pressure from being exerted on the foot by the closure or to prevent foreign objects from entering. Depending on the type of shoe, the tongue can be worked out differently and accordingly offers protection and increased comfort.

Baby walkers - Baby walkers are special shoes for the little ones who are just learning to walk. Before toddlers begin to walk, they do not need shoes so as not to restrict the movement of the foot. Because only in this way the foot can develop healthily. Therefore, when buying baby walkers, there are also some things that need to be considered. For example, the sole of the shoe should be particularly soft and flexible to allow natural rolling. In addition, a soft leather or textile upper gives the foot enough room to move. More tips for buying shoes for baby walkers can be found in our blog post "Shoes for the little ones? The 5 best tips for buying!" to read.

Running shoes - Running shoes are sports shoes that are specially designed for running or jogging. Running shoes are available from various sports shoe manufacturers for women, men and children. They differ depending on the requirements and type of running route. For example, there are road running shoes and, in contrast, trail running shoes, which are made for runs off the road. But there are also big differences in the degree of cushioning: from running shoes with very little cushioning to heavily cushioned running shoes, there is the right pair of running shoes for every requirement. The runner's pronation also plays an important role in the choice of running shoes, as there are running shoes for runners with neutral pronation and running shoes for those who tend to overpronate.

Outsole - The outsole forms the running surface of the shoe and is the bottom layer of the sole that comes into contact with the ground. It can be made of leather, plastic, rubber or other materials and offers more or less tread depending on the shape of the shoe and its intended use.

Last - In shoe manufacturing, the last is the three-dimensional image of the foot. The last forms the basis for the shape of the shoe and is decisive for the size, fit and appearance of the shoe, among other things.

Loafer -Loafers are fastenerless low shoes that slip on. They sometimes resemble the moccasin in design, but have a small heel. In the 1930s, the loafer was a trendy shoe at American universities, and some time later was also very popular in Germany. The most famous forms of the loafer are the penny loafer and the tassel loafer. The tassel loafer is characterized by a tassel as a decoration on the forefoot. The penny loafer is considered the original form of the loafer and takes its name from the piece of money that students used to put under the bridge over their instep for good luck. Loafers come in a variety of colors and designs. Especially made of smooth leather, they can be worn nicely with upscale casual fashion.

Low-Cut - Low-cut or low-top is a term for shoes with a low shaft that ends below the ankle. The division into low-cut, mid-cut and high-cut is especially common for basketball shoes or Skate shoes common, so that depending on the requirement the right shoe can be found. But these designations can also be found in sneakers.

Lyra Perforation - Lyra perforation refers to the perforation found mainly in brogues. This hole pattern is used for decoration and usually consists of two holes on top of each other and a single hole alternating.

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